NEW BOOK: ‘Imperialism, the eve of the social revolution of the proletariat’, by Harpal Brar

Times without number, the bourgeoisie and its ideologues have pronounced Marxism to be dead. Each time such foolish assertions have been made, Marxism has emerged stronger and more relevant than ever before. The collapse of the USSR and the eastern bloc of socialist countries was once more the occasion for insanely foolish assertions, rising to a crescendo, that Marxism was dead (yet again!) and that capitalism is the eternal future of humanity.

Far from it. It is capitalism which is long past its sell-by date and is staring death in the face.

The contents of this volume are aimed at demonstrating the continuing validity of the science of Marxism Leninism as the only reliable weapon for the emancipation of the working class and of wider humanity. Imperialism alone presently stands in the way of solution of the problems facing humanity. Until the socialist proletariat overthrows the rule of capital and private property, it will continue to flounder from pillar to post, facing grinding poverty and the torments of hunger, unemployment and homelessness, misery, disease and recurring capitalist crises. It will continue, too, to experience the devastating wars waged by groups of imperialist countries for world domination and redivision of the world.

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