Issue: September/October 2005

  • Cuba and Venezuela show the way

    Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s charismatic and tremendously popular President, has appeared frequently in the headlines of the world’s press over the past few weeks, as his democratic and anti-imperialist stance becomes ever stronger and the resultant imperialist hatred of him becomes ever more... [Read more]

  • Further measures of suppression at home

    The government continues to increase its ability to take action under the law against the populace. On 5th August this year, Prime Minister Blair announced a further raft of measures that included new powers to deport foreign nationals, to close places of worship, ban organisations and measures... [Read more]

  • Palestine – resistance is the only solution

    As these lines are being written, the Israeli army has served eviction notices on the sellers in the Gaza Strip requiring them to leave within 48 hours or be forcibly evicted. Before we deal with the evacuation of the 7,000 settlers from all of the 21 settlements in Gaza – the reasons for this... [Read more]

  • The Soviet-German non-aggression pact

    Bourgeois ideologists in imperialist ‘democracies’, to camouflage the pro-fascist sympathies and actions of their own bourgeoisie, have always tried to distort and falsify the origin, the content, the reasons behind, and the effect, of the German-Soviet non-aggression pact, popularly known as the... [Read more]

  • Support the Korean revolution!

    2005 is a very important celebratory year for the DPRK since it marks the 60th Anniversary of the Korean people’s victory over Japanese colonialism, the setting up of the DPRK, and the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea. LALKAR sends its most heartfelt congratulations to the people of... [Read more]

  • Iraq – imperialist occupation unsustainable

    With each passing month, as the resistance in Iraq gathers strength, the position of the US-led imperialist army of occupation gets more and more dire, putting paid to the blithely optimistic rhetoric of the Bush and Blair administrations. At the end of June, returning from Iraq, Joe Biden, the... [Read more]

  • Iran elections – disaster for imperialism

    Elections in Iran On 25 June 2005 the winner of Iran’s presidential election was announced. It was a contest that had been followed with keen interest by the bourgeois media since there were very important differences between the two candidates. Although the picture we are generally given of... [Read more]

  • Export of capital – its consequences in India

    The recent brutal beating by the Indian police of hundreds of unarmed, trapped workers from a local Honda factory in Haryana is a graphic example of present-day imperialism, of its “financial strangulation of the overwhelming majority of the world by a handful of ‘advanced’ countries” as Lenin so... [Read more]