Issue: May/June 2006

  • Nigerian people’s resistance against oil monopolies

    A near civil war is raging in the Niger Delta over the region’s oil production. The region’s oil wells do not belong to local people or even to Nigerians but are the exclusive preserve of foreign multinationals who loot the oil wealth through corrupt military and civil local administrations:... [Read more]

  • The triumphant march of the nepalese revolution

    Nepal has been hitting the headlines more and more often in recent months. The rebellion that was started by Maoist guerrillas against the feudal autocracy has grown from its small beginnings in remote countryside areas ten years ago into a mighty and unstoppable movement. As the conflict between... [Read more]

  • Forward to an independent and sovereign Koryo

    I want to speak today about a project which was close to the heart of Comrade Kim Il Sung, as indeed it is to those of almost all Korean people, be they from the north or the south or the diaspora, namely the reunification of Korea. Korea is one. Its people speak the same language and share the... [Read more]

  • Iran: Imperialism is damned whatever it does

    Iran’s nuclear programme is entirely legitimate On 10 April, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that his country had succeeded in enriching uranium and joined the ‘nuclear club’. This was achieved in the teeth of ongoing insistence on the part of western imperialism that Iran... [Read more]

  • Capitalism and Immigration

    Method behind madness It would be wrong to conclude from the foregoing that there is no method in the madness of the ruling bourgeoisie. Immigration controls, with their implied message that immigrants, not capitalism, are the problem, divide the working class by pitting its indigenous section... [Read more]

  • 80th Annniversary of the British General Strike – 1926

    The General Strike was the most momentous event in the history of the British working class since the defeat of the Chartist movement in the middle of the 19th century. The first question concerns the causes of the General Strike. How could the General Strike take place in Britain – the land of... [Read more]

  • France: militant protest forces government back down

    Frederick Engels once commented that “the most repulsive thing here [England] is the bourgeois ‘respectability’, which has grown deep into the bones of the workers. I am not at all sure, for instance, that John Burns is not secretly prouder of his popularity with Cardinal Manning, the Lord Mayor... [Read more]

  • Homage to the Easter Rising: 90th Anniversary

    This year is the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland. We honour the Irish men and women who rose up against British Rule over Ireland and held the British occupying army at bay in Dublin in 1916. We especially pay homage to those who gave their lives in the fighting or were... [Read more]