Issue: March/April 2003

  • Venezuela: masses triumph over another counter-revolutionary coup

    On 2 February this year, the popular government in Venezuela emerged triumphant from yet another attempt by the united forces of domestic and international capital to bring it down. Having surprised the coup-makers by their readiness to defend the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ by force, the people of... [Read more]

  • Memory of Stalin

    A chemistry professor and member of the Russian Academy of Science. He married Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana, in spring 1949 when she was 23, and he 29. They divorced five years after Stalin’s death. It is true that Stalin was a modest person. Everyone knows that after his death he did not leave... [Read more]

  • Victory on the Volga

    The anniversary of Stalingrad has inspired major celebrations in Russia, but a strange silence here Sixty years ago the greatest battle of the second world war reached its climax. The site of that decisive battle was not the windswept sands of north Africa beloved of British war mythology, nor... [Read more]

  • Memory of Stalin

    Mr Varennikov comes from a poor Cossack family in the Krasnodar region near the Black sea, and was among an early generation of working-class people to receive a good education under Stalin, rising to a senior rank in the army. The day of Stalin’s death was very hard, a real shock. A part of my... [Read more]

  • STALIN: Story of a Great Servant of Mankind who Belongs to the Ages

    “Man’s dearest possession is life, and since it is given to him to live but once, he must so live as to feel no torturing regrets for years without purpose; so live as not to be seared with the shame of a cowardly and trivial past; so live, that dying he can say: All my life and all my strength... [Read more]

  • We honour him with a pledge – Fight harder, save peace!

    “Stalin – The man who really believed in the working class and evoked from it all that creative genius and energy which has astounded the world for over 30 years and will do more so in the future.” Today, countless millions of people in every country in the world are plunged into the deepest... [Read more]

  • 50th anniversary of the death of Comrade Stalin

    Fifty years ago, on March 5 1953, Joseph Stalin, the architect of socialism and the inspirer of the victory against the mighty Nazi war machine, breathed his last. Just as during his life, so in his death, he continued to be hated as no-one else by the ideologues of the imperialist bourgeoisie... [Read more]

  • The “Morality” of the Warmongers — a personal view.

    UN inspectors refuse to endorse Washington’s wild allegations against Baghdad. The French threaten to veto any new resolution giving UN approval for aggression. Two million demonstrate in London alone, joining countless more millions around the world. So what does our panic-stricken PM do? Stakes... [Read more]


    On November 5th 1990, the U.S. House and Senate passed Foreign Operations Appropriation Law 101-513 calling for the cut-off of aid and credits to Yugoslavia, knowing full well the destabilising effect that this would have, since conducting trade without credits is virtually impossible in the... [Read more]

  • Death to Anglo-American imperialist war against Iraq!

    As we go to press, US and British imperialism are poised to unleash a murderous, predatory and imperialist war of aggression against Iraq on the pretext of Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but actually to monopolise the oil resources of Iraq and other countries in... [Read more]

  • Letter to the Independent – unpublished

    Dear Sir We read with rapt attention the highly stimulating, well-researched and scholarly piece, stuffed full with a wealth of detail of an unprecedentedly original type, by a certain Mr Johann Hari in the Independent of 5 March (‘Stalin died 50 years ago, but his legacy lives on’). On a more... [Read more]

  • Who Killed Djindjic? And What Will Be the Repercussions in the Balkans?

    Who put Zoran Djindjic in power? The mainstream media tells us that the Serbian people did. In reality, his popularity rating was always close to zero. Especially after he supported NATO while the bombs were raining on his country. Who put Djindjic in power? The West. Thanks to more than nine... [Read more]