Issue: November/December 2012

  • Lalkar mourns the death of Comrade Wissal Farha Bagdache

    Comrade Wissal Farha Bagdache, the president of Syrian Communist Party, has passed awayThe Central Committee of Syrian Communist Party mourns Comrade Wissal Farha Bagdache, the president of Syrian Communist Party, who has passed away on Sunday 21st October 2012.Comrade Wissale Farha Bagdache was... [Read more]

  • 20 October Demonstration Against Cuts

    On Saturday 20 October the TUC called on the working class to march, once again,  up to the top of the hill (Hyde Park Corner in this case) and march back down again.  Thousands did exactly that: at one point, roughly halfway through, there were as many coming out as there were going in!  Numbers... [Read more]

  • SYRIZA’s underhand trick and the reality

    This is not the first time this has happened, but this time SYRIZA has crossed the line by choosing to adorn a poster which it issued for a meeting organised on the 19/10 in Ireland with the photograph of the banner which the KKE had put up on the Acropolis in May 2010, on which the slogan... [Read more]

  • Syria: Imperialism sinks deeper into the quagmire

    Frustrated again and again in its efforts to topple the Syrian leadership and replace it with a puppet government, US imperialism is looking increasingly rudderless. Everything short of open and direct military intervention has already been tried and found wanting: funding the rebels, imposing... [Read more]

  • Letter to the Editor from Australia

    Dear Comrades,I would like to congratulate Lalkar for its outstanding, and most illuminating article, ‘The National Question in Scotland‘ in Lalkar Issue 214. As the British comrades can appreciate, the debate on possible Scottish secession doesn’t command a great deal of attention here in... [Read more]

  • Breakthrough for Workers’ Party of Belgium in local elections

    In Belgium’s municipal and provincial elections held on 14 October 2012, the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB) made a strong showing and affirmed itself as an emerging Left force in the whole country. The PTB’s electoral list “PTB+” obtained a total of 31 municipal councillors, 17 district... [Read more]

  • Uphold the banner of communism

    The great October Revolution of 1917 is by far the most progressive event in human history.It ushered in the era of the downfall of imperialism and the victory of proletarian revolution. Despite all reverses, this is the era we continue to live in; and with capitalist economic crisis again... [Read more]

  • KENYA: Victims of British brutality and torture allowed to go to court

    In the June issue of Proletarian, issue 48, (The Kenya Papers) it was reported that four elderly Kenyans seeking justice and recompense for the torture they suffered at the hands of the British in the 1950s have helped uncover hidden evidence of the brutality of British rule across all its... [Read more]

  • Another high street store gobbled up

    Red Youth report from WiganOn October 1st we saw the demise of JJB Sports, once Britain’s biggest sports retailer as it moved to close 133 of its stores, and in the process making 2,000 workers redundant.   JJB has now been bought out by current Sports Direct and Newcastle United football club... [Read more]

  • Comrade Godfrey Cremer – Message of Condolence from Gerry MacLochlainn

    To Iris and Katt with comradeship and sympathy from a comrade and friend on the sad death of Comrade Godfrey CremerThis has been a hard year with losses felt by many comrades and it seems like only a few months since we mourned the passing of Val.  I know how hard it is to accept such loss but I... [Read more]

  • Ford closures: making workers pay for capitalist failure

    In Britain…The announced closure next summer of the Ford Transit van factory in Southampton with the loss of up to 1,500 jobs, plus the closure of part of Fords Dagenham site at the same time, is but the latest convulsion in the global overproduction crisis, a crisis that is nowhere more obvious... [Read more]

  • Even in cases of extradition to the No 1 imperialist aggressor there is no equality

    The extradition of British citizens to the US for trial on charges which do not relate to them personally committing any crime in the USA, or even, in many cases, ever having been in the US, is an affront to natural justice and another example of the biggest bully in the playground making the... [Read more]

  • EU wins Nobel Peace Prize

    The Norwegian committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize have upset one or two people this year with their choice of the European Union (EU) as the recipient of the (supposedly) prestigious prize for 2012.  The EU received the prize for its contribution to “the advancement of... [Read more]

  • Donations in support of LALKAR

    “Bourgeois newspapers are maintained by large sums of capital.  Workers’ newspapers are maintained by funds collected by the workers themselves”  V.I.LeninLenin, leader of the Bolshevik Party, inspirer of the October Revolution, paid close attention to the development of a working-class press,... [Read more]

  • Capitalism isn’t Working

    The government’s Universal Credit scheme will replace housing benefits, jobseeker’s allowance, tax credits, income support, employment and support allowance with a single payment, there will a maximum of £350 per week (including rent) paid to single claimants and maximum of £500 (including rent)... [Read more]

  • Revisiting alleged 30 million famine deaths during China’s Great Leap

    Thirty years ago, a highly successful vilification campaign was launched against Mao Zedong, saying that a massive famine in which 27 to 30 million people died in China took place during the Great Leap period, 1958 to 1961, which marked the formation of the people’s communes under his leadership.... [Read more]

  • Hail Chávez’s Electoral Victory

    Hugo Chávez and the ‘Great Patriotic Pole’ (GPP), the alliance of left parties led by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) – which includes the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) who supported and worked for the Chávez campaign – have won a comfortable victory in the Venezuelan... [Read more]

  • Capitalism in Dire Straits

    The IMF, famed for its imposition of fierce Structural Adjustment Programmes on countries unfortunate enough to require its assistance to support their economies devastated by the imperialist tribute extracted from them by various ‘international’ financial institutions, has done a 180 degree... [Read more]

  • Afghanistan: 11 years of imperialist brutality and of heroic Afghan resistance

    7 October 2012 marked the eleventh anniversary of the start of the US-led predatory war in Afghanistan.  Following the 9/11 events in New York and Washington in 2001, in which 2,977 people were killed, and using these events as a pretext for a war long in preparation, the US and other imperialist... [Read more]