Issue: November/December 2014

  • Imperialism means war – with specific reference to the First World War

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first imperialist world war. This war was a momentous event which: Chronology of events leading to the war 28 June 1914 A Serbian nationalist by the name of Gavrilo Princip assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, Franz... [Read more]

  • Kiev’s storm troopers fought to a standstill

    Now that the forces of resistance have fought the stormtroopers of the fascist junta to a standstill, obliging Kiev to moderate its warmongering bluster and creep to the negotiating table in Minsk, it is more than ever urgent for us to stand in solidarity with the people of Donetsk and... [Read more]

  • Multinationals backed by the US imperialist government seek to subject the world to their diktat

    Negotiations are under way, behind closed and sealed doors, for the finalisation of two international Treaties on trade, both of them involving the US, but with different prospective trade ‘partners’. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing 12 nations (Australia, Brunei, Canada,... [Read more]

  • The DPRK’s just response to imperialist slanders concerning violation of human rights in the DPRK

    A report of the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies was released on Saturday amid concern and expectation of the public at home and abroad. It reflects the characteristics of the socialist system, human rights policy pursued in the DPRK and the actual human rights performance in the... [Read more]

  • Democracy Kiev style

    The “freedom-loving democrats” currently hijacking the apparatus of state in Kiev have given further testimony to their commitment to “our shared values” by holding a parliamentary election on 26 October that flies in the face of all legal and constitutional norms. Under the... [Read more]

  • The US is bombing the Syrian and Iraqi people, not the Islamic State

    Issued by: CPGB-ML Issued on: 15 October 2014 The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) unequivocally denounces the US bombing of Iraq and Syria. The claimed justification for these acts of aggression – namely, that they are a ‘response’ to, and a way of stopping, the... [Read more]

  • The inevitability of socialism

    Scientific philosophic basis of analysis What enables us to be confident of the inevitability of socialism (assuming that the development of human society is not brought to an abrupt halt by some disaster which brings it to a premature end) is the science on which Marxism-Leninism is... [Read more]

  • Ebola epidemic exposes the pathology of the capitalist system

    On August 8th the World Health Organisation declared the West African Ebola outbreak a ‘public health emergency of international concern’. The declaration came four months after the WHO reported a major Ebola outbreak in Guinea in Western African. Researchers traced the outbreak to a two-year... [Read more]

  • Brazilian elections

    The Workers’ Party of Brazil (PT), which has been in office in Brazil since 2002 will now, thanks to the electoral victory of President Dilma Rousseff, carry on until at least 2018 (barring any unforeseen ‘incidents’). For the poorest sections, mainly in the North, this is indeed a good thing... [Read more]

  • The military retreat from Afghanistan

    The last stage of the British military retreat from Afghanistan took place on Monday 27 October 2014 as Camp Bastion in Helmand Province was ‘handed-over’ to the Afghan National Army (ANA). Under a heavy security presence, the last British soldiers, and the US marines who were stationed in... [Read more]