Issue: September/October 2017

  • The October Revolution: in Celebration of its 100TH Anniversary

    A festival of progressive humanityThe October revolution was an event of unsurpassed historical impact; an event which literally shook the world and has shaped the 20th century. For it at once sounded the death knell of imperialism and clearly indicated the future path of humanity’s development –... [Read more]

  • The DPRK will not submit to US imperialist nuclear blackmail

    An ‘August crisis’ on the Korean peninsula culminated in massive US-led war games, cynically dubbed Ulchi Freedom Guardian, held from 21-31 August. These exercises, which rely heavily on computer simulation and rehearse an attack on the socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in... [Read more]

  • US imperialism threatens Venezuela with military intervention

    The situation in VenezuelaClass struggle in Venezuela, which has been severe throughout the years of the governments of Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro, has reached new heights in the current year. The comprador bourgeoisie, heavily backed and financed by US imperialism, has been... [Read more]

  • Victory claimed in Birmingham bin dispute; but Labour-led Birmingham city council has other idea

    The militant industrial action taken by the Birmingham bin men has achieved a famous victory in their dispute with Birmingham City Council, so claim Unite the Union.The Council reportedly backed down and accepted the refuse workers’ case in August, agreeing to restore the grade 3 jobs, which are... [Read more]

  • OBITUARY – Michael Seifert

    LALKAR was saddened to learn of the death of Michael Seifert (born 30 July 1942; died 19 July 2017), a progressive solicitor, who worked tirelessly to support the National Union of Mineworkers during its titanic struggle against the Thatcher government between 1984-85. Arthur Scargill, the... [Read more]

  • Grenfell update – the tragic result of capitalism’s need to put profits before people

    It has been just over two months since the horrific fire at Grenfell tower. In that time, the loudest and clearest response has come from the survivors of the fire and the other residents of the Lancaster West Estate, roundly, and correctly, criticising the council and the government for their... [Read more]

  • Grim Up North

    According to an article in The Times on 8 August, written by that paper’s Health Editor (Chris Smyth, ‘Northerners more likely to die early from diseases of despair’), northern ‘youngsters are 50% more likely to die early than young people in the south because of poverty and despair induced... [Read more]

  • Syria: No news is good news

    Syria has dropped out of the news headlines of late. This means, not that nothing is happening there, but that what is happening is so hugely unwelcome to those in control of our media that a veil has had to be drawn over it. Because what is happening is that, slowly but surely, the independent,... [Read more]

  • Stop anti-communism

    Communist and Workers Parties denounce the anti-communist fiesta being organised by the Estonian Presidency of the EUThe Communist and Workers Parties denounce the anti-communist fiesta being organized by the Estonian Presidency of the EU, in the framework of the so-called “European Day of... [Read more]

  • US Sanctions bill: a further lurch towards war with Russia – and towards trade war against NATO allies

    The latest anti-Russian sanctions bill to be passed by the US Congress and Senate, supposedly in response to Moscow’s (non-existent) cyberattacks during the US presidential election, in practice has two functions. On one side it signals a virtual declaration of trade war against America’s... [Read more]

  • The Road of the October Revolution

    Lenin, Stalin and the peasant question under socialismIntroductionMarxism teaches, and historical experience confirms, that there is no future in small-scale farming. Collectivisation is the only answer. Collectivisation takes place under the conditions of capitalism through a long and painful... [Read more]

  • Celebration of Anti-Imperialist Victory – Anti-Imperialist Barbecue in Southall

    On 29 July 2017 the CPGB-ML held its annual anti-imperialist solidarity barbecue which especially marks the victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War against US-led imperialist aggression, as well as the attack on the Moncada Barracks by Fidel Castro and his comrades, which... [Read more]