Issue: May/June 2022

  • Russia advances to liberate the Donbass

    With only a handful of fascist diehards still holed up in the Azovstal steelworks, the one-time stronghold of the Azov fanatics in the southern port city of Mariupol has fallen at last. For months the fascists had sabotaged all efforts to evacuate the civilian population from the war zone,... [Read more]

  • The US-instigated regime change in Pakistan

    On 10 April 2022, the Pakistan National Assembly voted, by a razor-thin majority of 2, in favour of a motion of No Confidence in the government of Imran Khan, removing him from the office of Prime Minister. In his place it elected Shehbaz Sharif.Shehbaz Sharif hails from one of the two main... [Read more]

  • NATO weapons for Ukraine – military aid and future profits for US

    Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analystReproduced from the BRICS Information Portal, with thanksAt the start of the new phase of the Ukrainian crisis, beginning with Russia’s special military operation which pre-empted the Kiev regime’s plan to conduct an ethnic cleansing... [Read more]

  • Sri Lankan workers revolt against the kleptocracy

    The island nation of Sri Lanka is enduring its worst-ever economic crisis since its formal release from British colonial rule in 1948. For months, petrol, diesel, gas, food and medicine have been in very short suppy and have risen astronomically in price, as has the cost of transport. People are... [Read more]

  • “HURRAH FOR THE AZOV!”- The curious case of the BBC whitewashing of Nazism in Ukraine

    By Steve SweeneyReproduced from Al Mayadeen Net, with thanks7 April 2022Neo-nazis across the world glorify Azov, and whitewashing them in the way the BBC and other mainstream media organisations have should not be taken lightly.On 15 January 1934, as Europe stood on the precipice of war, British... [Read more]

  • Macron secures second term as French President, despite huge unpopularity, amid an “ocean of abstentions”

    News of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the 2022 French Presidential election, broadcast worldwide before counting had closed, brought forth an audible sigh of collective relief from the global corporate neo-liberal elite. The City of London, Wall Street, the French Bourse, Washington, Westminster,... [Read more]

  • What a difference one war makes

    It is a truism that is easily checked and corroborated that most movements of refugees in the world today are as a result of war. This is just as true of the refugees who risk their lives and those of their children crossing the channel in small boats as it is of Ukrainians forced to flee Nato’s... [Read more]

  • Monstrous plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda

    The British government under the increasingly unsteady hand of Boris Johnson has announced a proposal to deport asylum seekers of whatever origin who arrive by ‘unauthorised routes’, such as crossing the Channel in little boats or stowed away in big boats and aeroplanes, to Rwanda in east Africa!... [Read more]

  • Assange, the 21st century inquisition

    After a two-year break, the International Journalism Festival was back in Perugia. Journalists from all over the world discussed pressing issues facing the news industry such as the rise of hybrid newsrooms, reader revenue models, the coverage of the climate crisis, news innovation and the media... [Read more]

  • Film Review: The Battle at Lake Changjin

    by Nina Kosta and George KorkovelosContinued from previous issueThe film employs new modes of expression using a variety of lenses, agile hand-held cameras with light-sensitive technology with impressive sound experiments, and electronic sounds and music. These showcase the dialectical... [Read more]

  • Obituary of Annette Beaumanoir, an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist heroine of our times

    Annette Beaumanoir was born in Brittany, France, in 1923. Her father, Jean, came from a wealthy family but was cut off with a shilling when he insisted on marrying his beloved, Marthe, the daughter of a lowly farm worker. The family was progressive and anti-fascist, with Jean and Marthe... [Read more]

  • A red salute to Comrade Kim Il Sung

    On 15 April 2022 progressive people the world over celebrated the 110th anniversary of the birth of Korea’s founding father, the great revolutionary leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung.Comrade Kim Il Sung led the Korean people in the long and arduous struggle for emancipation from imperialist oppression... [Read more]