Issue: July/August 2018

  • Kim Jong Un – Trump summit: A great victory for the DPRK

    The talks held in Singapore on 12 June between the leader of the socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Comrade Kim Jong Un, and the President of the United States of America, (USA) Donald J Trump, constitute an historic victory for the Korean people in their long struggle... [Read more]

  • The Great March of Return and the Zionist murder machine

    Every other day new horror stories emerge from Gaza. The Great March of Return began on March 30 and was scheduled to run to May 15, Nakba Day. Given the brutal Israeli response to the peaceful demonstrations, it is no surprise that the border protests have continued to run.As always, the flames... [Read more]

  • Nicaragua – popular government under threat from imperialist stooges

    An attempted Ukraine-style coup is being mounted in Nicaragua, which curiously enough is receiving little publicity in the imperialist media. We can only speculate that the reason for this is that the US ruling class is irreconcilably divided as to the desirability of the success of such a coup –... [Read more]

  • Syria advances to liberation

    The Syrian army’s successful liberation of Eastern Ghouta and Yarmouk from jihadi terrorists has meant the return to their homes of thousands of displaced citizens. It has also meant that the army is now freed up to tackle the remaining obstacles on the path to the full liberation of the Syrian... [Read more]

  • Babchenko ‘assassination’: Kiev’s grisly propaganda stunt backfires

    When in December 2016 a Russian plane crashed, killing dozens of Red Army Choir singers dancers and musicians, a wave of national grief seized the people of Russia. The loss of the orchestra, en route to play in Syria, wiped out the cream of a generation of young musicians.Amid the general... [Read more]

  • Populist victories throughout Europe

    Throughout Europe more and more voters are expressing their rejection of traditional bourgeois parties and turning to maverick parties that offer a quick fix to Europe’s economic problems, much as desperate patients whose doctors cannot cure them often turn to purveyors of snake oil and suchlike... [Read more]

  • The myth of Labour Party anti-semitism

    In the attempt to prevent a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party from ever forming a government, a hue and cry has been raised by the sections of the bourgeoisie who most fear this, using their Zionist and pro-Zionist stooges to spearhead the attack. It is an attack which can only succeed if people can... [Read more]

  • Blatant corruption finally unseats the Spanish government

    A long Spanish tale of bourgeois misrule and corruption came to a head on 1 June this year when the incumbent Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, of the Popular Party (PP) lost a vote of no confidence by 180 votes in favour of the motion to just 169 against, and 1 abstention. The mover of the... [Read more]

  • Court victory for workers’ rights

    A fundamental feature of the gig economy is the way in which the sale of a worker’s labour power to a the capitalist is camouflaged as the capitalist paying for the services of a ‘self-employed’ tradesman. By this stratagem the capitalist seeks to evade his legal responsibilities as an employer... [Read more]

  • NHS – the government forced to recognise reality

    The financial crisis that has been raging through the NHS for some years is now impossible to hide and so it is now being publicly recognised even by the Conservative government, thanks to public pressure and sentiment, that the NHS is starved of resources. A head of steam seems to be building up... [Read more]

  • French workers struggle against Macron’ anti-working class agenda

    French rail strikesFrench President Macron began to roll out his reforms of the labour code last autumn, since which there has been a rash of redundancies, contradicting the oft-repeated claim that greater ‘flexibility’ will push down unemployment. Under the new rules, employers no longer have to... [Read more]

  • UCU leadership dodges vote of no confidence proposed by the lecturers it has let down

    Sally Hunt, leader of the University and College Union, has found a novel way of dodging UCU Congress motions critical of her handling of the university lecturers’ pensions dispute. Faced with a no-confidence motion from King’s College branch and a demand for her resignation from Exeter branch,... [Read more]

  • TGI Fridays robbing Peter to pay Paul

    Staff working for the TGI Fridays restaurant chain have been on strike against a management decision over tips which is being resisted by waiters and kitchen staff alike. Protests were mounted outside restaurants in Covent Garden and Milton Keynes.Traditionally in the catering industry, those who... [Read more]

  • Andrei Zhdanov – on the principles underlying Soviet literature and art

    PART ONEIn honour of the seventieth anniversary of the death of Andrei Zhdanov (26 February 1896 to 31 August 1948), one of the great Bolshevik leaders and outstanding Marxist-Leninist, a great working-class theoretician and an expert in the field of art, literature and music).31 August 2018... [Read more]

  • Trump’s trade wars

    June has been an important month in the history of United States trade relations. By 10 June, the New York Times described events as “Trump Upends Global Trade Order Built by US.” Strong words.What started as tariffs on steel and aluminium coming into the US has escalated – first with an... [Read more]