Issue: March/April 2004

  • Bourgeois Secularism and the Communal Challenge

    Part Two This is the second instalment of this article, which we began publishing in the last issue of Lalkar. It is a slightly extended version of that which appeared in The Marxist, Volume XIX, No 2 April-June 2003. The question of communalism and religious bigotry is extremely important,... [Read more]

  • RESPECT? Are they having a laugh?

    Sunday 25 January saw the formal launch, amid much fanfare, of George Galloway and the SWP’s new project, the Respect Unity Coalition, rather unfortunately abbreviated to RUC. RESPECT, we are told, is itself an acronym, which stands for ‘respecting equality, socialism, peace, environmentalism,... [Read more]

  • Victory to the Intifada!

    The so-called road map, drafted by the quartet – the US, EU, Russia and the UN – published on 30 April 2003, led to the Aqaba Summit between George W Bush, Ariel Sharon and his Palestinian counter-part Mahmoud Abbas, the then Palestinian prime minister. This Summit endorsed the two-state... [Read more]

  • Anti-Monarchy struggle gathers momentum in Nepal

    The fake and puppet monarchy raised after the infamous palace massacre of 1 June 2001 in Nepal is now facing a massive countrywide movement for its overthrow and replacement with a republican system of government. The anti-monarchy democratic struggle has entered a new phase with the traditional... [Read more]

  • Iraqi Resistance – Havoc in the Imperialist Camp

    Anglo-American imperialism is in deep trouble. While facing fierce resistance from the Iraqi and Afghan liberation forces, it is increasingly losing credibility at home, with its political spokesmen distrusted as never before. Resistance 29 US soldiers and a civilian were killed by the Iraqi... [Read more]

  • Hutton washes whiter than Persil

    As we awaited the outcome of Lord Hutton’s inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly, the expert on weaponry, there was much speculation as to whether Hutton would dare to endorse our imperialist government’s attempts to muzzle the bourgeois media to ensure no criticism is made of it that could... [Read more]

  • Belated observations on the Euro

    Although there is a fairly long tradition in Western Europe, going back 135 years, of attempts at monetary union, the emergence of the Euro is rooted in the specific conditions which affected Western European capital following the Second World War. The end of the war witnessed, on the one hand,... [Read more]