Issue: January/February 2006

  • 60th Anniversary of the liberation of Vienna by the Red Army

    On 13 April 1945 the Red Army completed the liberation of Vienna. Today, we once again want to express our gratitude for this and, further, in the memory of all the fighters who fell in that struggle, commit ourselves to a socialist future. From official Austria the commemoration of the... [Read more]

  • US begins to lose its grip on its backyard

    The decline of US imperialism In 1964, Comrade Mao Tse-tung, in expressing his support for the struggle of the people of Panama against US imperialism, uttered the following words, which seem truly prophetic in the light of developments in the world today. “Riding roughshod everywhere, US... [Read more]

  • The Terrorism Bill – civil liberties sacrificed in the interests of imperialism

    The Terrorism Bill is on its way through parliament. The government and the police tell us that it is needed to protect the ordinary citizens of Britain from the “terrorists”. They clearly intend that this explanation gives them carte blanche to take whatever action they want. After all, they... [Read more]

  • Palestine: Resistance alone can bring victory

    Slow progress in Gaza Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza represented an important victory for the Palestinian people. All other factors notwithstanding, there is absolutely no question that, were it not for the intense resistance that has been waged over the years by the liberation fighters in Gaza,... [Read more]

  • The October revolution and the bolsheviks

    I: WHY DID OCTOBER NOT FAIL? The October revolution was such a momentous event, with such vast consequences, that it is hard to imagine how the history of the twentieth century and beyond would have developed had the revolution failed. October stands as such a towering achievement that it is... [Read more]

  • Condemn Attempt to Ban KSM in Czech Republic

    The Czech Home Office is threatening to make the KSM (Communist Union of Youth) illegal by 31 December 2005. The attack against the KSM is an attack against the whole communist movement in the Czech Republic, and therefore against the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (one of the strongest... [Read more]

  • Ireland: British government’s sabotage of the Good Friday Agreement

    The exposure of a top-level spy within Sinn Fein has dealt a significant if belated blow to the British government’s efforts to control and manipulate the peace process. The outing of Denis Donaldson, a highly prominent party veteran and a de facto member of the Sinn Fein leadership, has stunned... [Read more]

  • Robert Griffiths’ ‘defence’ of communism – confessions of a Khrushchevite revisionist

    Writing in the Communist Party of Britain’s (CPB) ‘independent’ daily revisionist rag, the Morning Star, 3 October 2005, the CPB General Secretary, Robert Griffiths, drew readers’ attention to a report to be put before the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe “on the need for... [Read more]

  • Correction and Apology

    In the last issue (November-December) of Lalkar, we carried an article entitled ‘Defend Sean Garland’. In it we referred to him as a “veteran Irish freedom fighter”. Since then our attention has been drawn by a correspondent to facts which show that Sean Garland and his party in fact oppose the... [Read more]

  • The Democratic republic of korea exposes the hypocrisy of the European Union

    To: Mr Eneko Lattdabura, Director General for External Relations, Mr Antonio Cavaco, Director General for Humanitarian Aid, Brussels Sending my greetings to you, I am writing to you to reply to your letter dated on November 17, 2005 on the issue of humanitarian assistance. As we... [Read more]

  • “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”

    Tienanmen Square: Chinese Counter-Revolution Crushed In the August/September 1989 issue of Lalkar we wrote an article entitled ‘Chinese Counter-Revolution Crushed’. In this article, we exposed the lies of the imperialist media, and its flunkeys in the working-class movement – the Trotskyites,... [Read more]