Issue: September/October 2003

  • Imperialism – intensification of the struggle for a new re-division of the world

    It was the bourgeois liberal, Hobson, who at the time of the Boer War put forward the theory of the joint exploitation by the leading imperialist powers of the rest of the world. This theory was dusted up, re-christened as the theory of ultra-imperialism by Karl Kautsky, the leading theoretician... [Read more]

  • Iraq – imperialist occupation in deep trouble

    Occupiers unable to control Iraq Nearly five months after the fall of Baghdad, the ‘liberators’ of the Iraqi people, to wit, the Anglo-American imperialist armies of occupation, are no nearer to getting a grip on the country and are barely able to control its main roads. Iraq today is... [Read more]

  • Opposing Foundation Hospitals

    What are foundation hospitals? If the Labour Party and their Government are to be believed the reform programme which includes foundation hospitals “…is every bit as radical and progressive as that which created the NHS over fifty years ago. It draws on the traditions of social and community... [Read more]

  • Education – Labour government in the service of imperialism

    In the manifesto for the 1997 General Election, which brought it to office, the Labour Party promised to improve education in Britain as a matter of urgent priority. “Education, education, education”, was Tony Blair’s most repeated slogan during the 1997 election campaign. Yet, during the 6... [Read more]

  • David Kelly: the bourgeoisie devours one of its own

    The facts surrounding the alleged suicide on 18 July 2003 of Dr David Kelly, MoD biological expert, Iraq weapons inspector spy, wholesale supporter of the invasion of Iraq, and all-out flunkey of British imperialism, cannot but be well known since this issue has dominated all the information... [Read more]

  • Joint Communique of FARC-EP and ELN

    The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -People’s Army, FARC-EP, and the National Liberation Army of Colombia, ELN, inform the Colombian and Latin American people that: We, the leadership of both organizations, met recently in the mountains of Colombia in an atmosphere of camaraderie,... [Read more]

  • Imperialist propaganda and censorship

    I love Country Music. I remember when I was growing up and popular music was still singing about the moon in June, Country was addressing topics such as contraception, racism, poverty and the Dust Bowl tragedy in the American mid-west. Of course Country music also produced songs about family... [Read more]