Issue: May/June 2002

  • Zimbabwe: Presidential Election and its Significance

    Zimbabwe held its presidential election over the weekend of 9-10 March. The result, declared on 13 March, produced a resounding victory for the incumbent – President Robert Mugabe, who secured 1,685,212 votes, as against the 1,258,401 secured by his challenger, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement... [Read more]

  • VENEZUELA: US-directed anti-popular coup defeated by the will (and guns) of the people

    All the signs of an impending coup in Venezuela were there for the world to see. The US are the world leaders in the orchestration of coups in third world countries, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d become a little complacent, relying on the same formula applied in Chile and so many... [Read more]

  • On returning from Occupied Ramallah

    Having just returned from the occupied Palestinian city of Ramallah, we can report to you that the Israeli state is conducting nothing short of a campaign of terror against the civilian population in that city and many others. We were in Ramallah to experience and document the realities of life... [Read more]

  • Palestinian Resistance blunts Israel’s Brutal Offensive

    For all his bravado and a massive use of brutal force, Sharon is no nearer extinguishing the raging inferno of the Palestinian Intifada at the end of a whole year in office than was his predecessor, Ehud Barak. His bankrupt policies having failed utterly, his government was left with the simple... [Read more]

  • People’s war in Nepal

    by Comrade Prachanda, Chairman CPN (Maoist) Today, on 13 February 2002, it’s been six years and entering the seventh since the historic people’s war was initiated under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). A period of merely six years is not a long one in the process of the... [Read more]

  • Our tasks in the light of increased support for far-right parties in Europe

    The world was stunned when in the April 2002 Presidential elections in France, the birthplace of Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité, the fascist demagogue Jean-Marie Le Pen beat the ‘left’ social-democratic candidate, Lionel Jospin, into third place in the first round. In the second and final round,... [Read more]

  • The Butcher of Jenin

    [Read more]

  • Immortal heroes of Jenin

    In 1897, the day after the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Theodor Herzl, wrote in his diary: “In Basel I founded the State of the Jews.” This week, Ariel Sharon should note in his diary: “In Jenin I founded the State of the Palestinians.” Of course, he did not mean to. His intention was to... [Read more]

  • Consignia: death by a thousand cuts

    The Post Office, lately known as Consignia plc, but apparently now changing its name back to Royal Mail, has been for the last four years under attack from the vultures of privatisation. It owns three businesses: the Post Office, the UK mail delivery service and a parcels delivery service. ... [Read more]