Issue: November/December 2023

  • Victory to the resistance! No co-operation with Zionist war crimes

    Death of the Zionist UtopiaEarly in the morning of Saturday 7 October, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza launched its most daring attack thus far against the Israeli occupation. In this coordinated attack from the sea, air and land, hundreds of Palestinian fighters broke through the high-tech... [Read more]

  • Jewish people condemn Israeli aggression

    The call of the US organisation Jewish Voice for Peace has issued this important statement reflecting the true voice of Jewish humanitarian tradition that the Holocaust sought to stifle.The Root of Violence Is Oppression.Right now, Palestinians, Israelis and all of us with family on the ground... [Read more]

  • The Nakba

    “The attackers came at dawn, quickly occupying the town.  The men were separated from women and shot.  One of the attackers, opening the door of homes, found an old man standing there.  He shot him. ‘He enjoyed shooting him’, an eyewitness to the attack said afterwards.“Soon the town was empty.... [Read more]

  • Embrace the honourable Jewish people who reject Israeli atrocities

    We reproduce below articles by Gideon Levy and Ilan Pappe who are representative of the hundreds of thousands of Jews in the world who hate the fact that the Nazi Holocaust ended up driving so many Jews into feeling that they could not be safe except in an ethnically-cleansed environment, thereby... [Read more]

  • Massive UK demonstrations in support of Palestine

    ACCORDING to organisers around 500,000 took to the streets of London on Saturday 28 October to demand a ceasefire as the Israeli onslaught in Gaza continues to escalate.In a post on Facebook aimed at the British press, Stop the War Coalition officer John Rees argued that the figures reported by... [Read more]

  • Arms factory blockaded as calls for practical solidarity with Palestine grow

    ‘The time to act is now’ – by Polly Smythe26 October 2023Reproduced from Novara Media with thanksOver 150 activists and trade union members are holding a mass picket blockading an arms factory, in protest over the use of UK arms exports in the current genocide against the Palestinian people.The... [Read more]

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights resigns

    Although we do not agree completely with the first line of paragraph 3 of the letter above, it is of course a very significant document! [Read more]

  • Two ‘British’ positions on Palestine

    Mass workers’ demonstrations march for Palestine, while imperialist press and politicians scream support for their colonial puppet, Israel.To British workers’ credit, there have been record protests across the country since the outbreak of Israeli’s genocidal campaign against the civilian... [Read more]

  • Demonisation of Palestine supporters

    On October 25, Crispin Blunt confirmed that he was the Member of Parliament who police reported had been arrested on suspicion of rape and possession of drugs. The MP for Reigate, who is also a former justice minister and an ex-chair of the House of Commons’ influential Foreign Affairs Committee,... [Read more]

  • HS2 – they should have gone to ChinaSavers!

    In 2009 the then Labour government set up a company called HS2 Ltd to look at the possibility of a northern version of the High Speed (HS)1 line running from London St Pancras to the Channel tunnel at Ashford in Kent.  The HS2 route would run from a new super station in Euston to Birmingham and... [Read more]

  • Ukraine update: Fools on the Hill

    The collapse of Kiev’s much trailed ‘counteroffensive’ and the parallel collapse of all the related windbaggery about “standing with Ukraine until the end” is leaving the collective West with a stinking hangover. And nowhere is this more evident than with the fools on Capitol Hill in Washington,... [Read more]

  • Cosmopolitans in Armenia lead the Armenian state over a cliff

    Comprador stooges are selling their country for empty promises. As ever, it is the people who will suffer.The fallout from the disastrous collapse of the Soviet Union is an ever-present factor at the root of many of today’s wars and conflicts. The wars between Armenia and Azerbaijan are a prime... [Read more]

  • Julian Assange must be freed

    Julian Assange has been imprisoned for 1656 daysMessage from Stella AssangeJulian is reaching the end of the road in the British courts. He is now into his fifth year of imprisonment without conviction in Britain’s notorious Belmarsh prison. On the third of July, he spent his fifth birthday in a... [Read more]

  • Intervention of Emilio Lozada Garcia, Head of the International Relations Department of the CCPCC at the XXIII EIPCO, 20 October 2023

    On behalf of the Communist Party of Cuba, Emilio Lozada Garcia, Head of its International Relations Department addressed the 23rd edition of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Türkiye, 20 October 2023.Dear Kemal Okuyan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of... [Read more]

  • Comrade Joyce Foster

    Comrade Joyce Foster passed away on 28 August 2023 and was laid to rest on 5 October.Joyce was a member of the SLP Yorkshire regional committee in 2004 and along with the rest of that committee and several key executive committee members she was expelled. The expelled, along with the... [Read more]

  • The Day of Cuban Culture 2023

    Speech of Ambassador Barbara Montalvo at London celebrationH.E. Iván Romero Martínez, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, dear colleagues,Distinguished and esteemed guests,Cubanos,I thank the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Rocío Maneiro,... [Read more]