Issue: September/October 2019

  • Boris’s Brexit bombshell

    In his pursuit of BRINO (Brexit In Name Only), prime minister Boris Johnson has used a daring tactic to outmanoeuvre his Remainer opponents. He has suspended parliament for 5 weeks, leaving them with very little time to prevent Britain leaving the EU on 31 October with or without a deal. Johnson... [Read more]

  • Resolutely condemn the assault on Kashmir’s autonomy

    On 6 August 2019, the Modi government scrapped Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and its subsidiary provision (A35A). The Jammu and Kashmir state has been abolished and its place taken by two centrally-run and controlled union territories.All this has been done by presidential order without... [Read more]

  • The threat of impending recession

    The economic analysis pages of the bourgeois media are predicting a huge economic downturn in the near future, with an end to the supposed ‘recovery’ from the financial crisis that erupted in 2007-8. The harbinger of doom is the ‘inverted yield curve’ that we are told has presaged every other... [Read more]

  • Overproduction woes in the car industry

    Nissan Japanese automotive giant Nissan has announced a cull of its global workforce, cutting 12,500 jobs. The company is feeling the heat from the overproduction crisis hitting the global automotive market. Last year its sales were down by 4.4%, with that figure breaking down into a 9% drop in... [Read more]

  • Syria – Ankara and Washington sign a robbers’ pact

    On Wednesday 7 August, after three days of talks with the US, Turkey’s defence ministry announced that a ‘Joint Action Centre’ would be set up in Turkey to implement a so-called ‘safe zone’ along the Syrian border. This agreement was wrung out of the US by Turkey only after months of wrangling,... [Read more]

  • Ukraine update

    For the two months that elapsed between the inauguration of comedian-turned president Zelensky in May and the parliamentary elections in July it could be argued that his failure to match campaign promises with political practice could be ascribed to the continued dominance of Poroshenko’s... [Read more]

  • Iran – Britain falters onto the warpath

    Thwarted in its efforts to impose regime change on the Syrian people, US imperialism is gearing up for war against Iran. Britain is closely implicated in the bellicose preparations, but is showing signs of hesitancy.Over the summer there have been a number of incidents of minor sabotage suffered... [Read more]

  • Unions call on British government to send in the gunboats

    The International Transport Federation (ITF) has issued a joint statement with Nautilus International which reflects no credit on either union.Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson, referencing the detention of the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz, assures us... [Read more]

  • US persecution of Latinos

    Mass shootings are nothing new in the United States of America. They focus on children, black and brown skinned people, religious groups, etc., and reflect the violent intolerance, bigotry and racism that is so deeply ingrained in the American psyche. One of the latest mass murders occurred at a... [Read more]

  • US workers strike against privatised detention camps

    BCFS, a Texan outsourcing outfit, describes itself as “a global system of health and human services non-profit organizations with locations and programs throughout the US” and worldwide. Its website claims expertise in delivering ‘humanitarian aid’, medical and healthcare and empowering people... [Read more]

  • Call for solidarity with Venezuela

    On Monday 5 August US President Trump signed an executive order placing an embargo on the government of Venezuela, in effect placing an embargo on the whole of Venezuela. After the failed attempted coup of Juan Guaidó earlier this year, which was backed by the US, Venezuela now joins the likes of... [Read more]

  • Cleaners demand fair pay at government department

    The grandly titled Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is very clear about its own industrial strategy, which consists in the main of hiving off everything in sight to outsourcing parasites like Aramark and ISS and then watching from the sidelines as workers are screwed... [Read more]

  • Shameful levels of malnutrition in Britain

    While the various ‘remain in Europe’ bourgeois parties, groups and celebrities along with their tame media outlets are busy telling all and sundry that we will all starve as our society crashes around our ears if Brexit is finally achieved, a very real plague of malnutrition is walking British... [Read more]

  • Stalin and the Bolsheviks of Transcaucasia in the fight against reactionary nationalism

    PART TWO – The Great October Socialist RevolutionThe Baku CommuneIn the central committee of the Bolshevik party the right opportunist position (expressed by Kamenev and Zinoviev) attempted sabotage of the uprising in Petrograd. In the Caucasus, the Mensheviks played the leading role in opposing... [Read more]

  • Peterloo in its historical perspective

    To mark the bicentenary of the Peterloo massacre, LALKAR is producing over the rest of this year’s issues, a most enlightening presentation on the subject of Peterloo in its historical perspective given by Kathy Sharp to the Stalin Society in London in July 2019. PART ITo understand the events of... [Read more]

  • OBITUARY – Comrade Bridget Bell

    Comrade Bridget Bell, a dedicated fighter for the working class lost her struggle against cancer on 8 August 2019 in her adopted home of Barnsley.Bridget came to prominence in the 1984/5 miners’ strike as a leading member of North Staffordshire Miners’ Wives Action Group and later served as the... [Read more]

  • Hong Kong belongs to China – no foreign interference!

    The following is the text of an interview by George Galloway (GG) of Dr Ranjeet Brar (RB) which was aired on the RT programme ‘Sputnik’ in August 2019.GGAfter many weeks of demonstrations everywhere in Hong Kong, it seems that that the effective seizure of Hong Kong’s airport, one of the world’s... [Read more]