Cleaners demand fair pay at government department

cleanersThe grandly titled Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is very clear about its own industrial strategy, which consists in the main of hiving off everything in sight to outsourcing parasites like Aramark and ISS and then watching from the sidelines as workers are screwed on poverty wages.

In July, things came to the crunch at BEIS, with cleaners and caterers hired by Aramark and ISS walking out indefinitely, demanding to be paid the London Living Wage.

They have been joined on strike by security guards, porters and post room workers. The ISS leeches are also facing demands for decent pay and conditions from striking cleaners at the government tax office up in Bootle. These august organs of government would find it harder to duck out of their responsibility for the welfare of the men and women who cook and mop up on site were they to wake up one morning and find their offices occupied by striking workers. Just a thought.