Issue: November/December 2021

  • Energy crisis: how imperialism manufactures ‘shortages’

    The present global energy crisis is not fundamentally to do with shortages in the supply of gas, oil or coal. Whilst fossil fuels are a finite resource, a fact which is to be reckoned with in any rational energy plan, the reality here is that there is still a superabundance of such fuels, whether... [Read more]

  • Lebanon has a new government – but remains a vassal state

    Lebanon has been plunged into major crisis ever since 2019, with currency collapse and debt default compounded by the pandemic. Half of the seven million inhabitants have been plunged into poverty, and all are suffering from the collapse of social institutions and the decay of public services –... [Read more]

  • Imperialism’s global conspiracy against Julian Assange

    The Supreme Court on 27-8 October heard the US government’s appeal against the decision made by a lower court that Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States to face trial on assorted espionage charges. That decision was made on the basis of what most people would consider the... [Read more]

  • Troubles at Evergrande and their ramifications

    The Chinese construction giant Evergrande is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. With a debt of over $300bn, it missed an interest payment of $83.5m in September, triggering a grace period of 30 days within which to make the payment or default. In the last week of October it just managed to... [Read more]

  • No academic freedom to support Palestine

    Bristol University have sacked a professor, David Miller, accusing him of anti-Semitism. This action follows a two-year long campaign against Professor Miller run by the Union of Jewish Students, the Jewish Society at Bristol University, Thangam Debonnaire, Labour MP for Bristol West, The... [Read more]

  • Yanis Varoufakis and DIEM25: Erratic Marxism and consistent Anti-Communism

    In this article, we feel compelled to address the phenomenon called Yanis Varoufakis, especially as it seems to be exercising a continuous charm over sections of liberal leftists and some young people who are beguiled by his indeterminate theoretical ‘Marxist’ self-identity. Yanis possesses the... [Read more]

  • Statement of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab illegally hijacked by US imperialism

    My name is Alex Nain Saab Moran with Venezuelan diplomatic passport number 045778720. I am a special envoy with diplomatic immunity to the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran since April 2018 and Venezuelan Ambassador Plenipotentiary Alternate to the African Union.I was hijacked... [Read more]

  • Polexit looming?

    Just 17 years ago, when Poland and Hungary joined the EU, western imperialism was rubbing its collective hands with glee as what they perceived to be a noose, tightened around the neck of now capitalist, but still independent, Russia. The influence of even right wing eastern European states... [Read more]

  • Jobs are available – let asylum seekers in and let them work!

    Britain is in the middle of an acute shortage of workers in low-paid, long-houred and only short-term secure jobs. Basically, jobs without much of a future for the worker who is temporarily employed in them. Experts tell us its all the fault of Brexit, while others tell us that it’s all caused by... [Read more]

  • Abimael Guzman – death of a great revolutionary leader

    On 11 September 2021 the death was announced of 86-year old Comrade Abimael Guzman, otherwise known as Chairman Gonzalo, in a Peruvian prison. He had been incarcerated for nearly 30 years, his crime being to have led a major insurgency in Peru which had come close to overthrowing the puppet... [Read more]

  • Tribute to Comrade Tamila Yabrova 1929-2021

    (Excerpts from the tribute given by the COMMUNIST FRONT (ITALY))It’s with deep sorrow that we learned that, at 08:30 on 3 September 2021, the indomitable heart of comrade Tamila Yabrova stopped beating. She died at the age of 92 from … COVID-19 … in Kiev. …The international communist movement... [Read more]

  • Five Eyes become four as New Zealand distances itself from anti-China action

    The rage directed at Jacinda Ardern, in the wake of New Zealand’s resistance to the anti-China policy of the Five Eyes nations and its intention to pursue a bilateral relationship with China, demonstrates the increasing fragility of the imperialist order. It cannot cope with the crisis it has... [Read more]

  • A curate’s egg: Shapps’s ‘Great British Railways’ scam

    The train operating company Southeastern, run by Go-Ahead, is the South East franchise holder. Or at least it was until the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, abruptly withdrew the franchise amid a welter of fraud allegations, sending Go-Ahead’s share values down by 25 percent.The main... [Read more]

  • The NHS, the Covid pandemic and the private insurance takeover

    Resolution passed unanimously by the Congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain (ML) meeting on 8-10 October 2021.This Congress notes that the Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the fundamental crisis that has been engineered within our beloved but much abused National Health Service over a... [Read more]