Issue: May/June 2009

  • British state-sponsored thugs in uniform: Licensed to kill

    At around 7:20pm on Wednesday 1st April 2009, as he made his way home through the city of London, 47 year old Ian Tomlinson, father of 9, was brutally attacked by uniformed thugs of London’s notorious Territorial Support Group (TSG) Riot Police.The attack was witnessed (among others) by... [Read more]

  • Hail the 20th anniversary of the crushing of the Chinese counter-revolution!

    Coming 3-4 June marks the 20th anniversary of the crushing of the counter-revolutionary rebellion in Beijing by the People’s Liberation Army.  Just as the original events, doubtless this anniversary will be another occasion for the imperialist propaganda machine to go into overdrive in an effort... [Read more]

  • Two steps forward one step back as revolution simmers in Thailand

    For several days in April, Thailand appeared to be on the brink of a democratic revolution,  with the popular forces, led by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), popularly known as ‘Red Shirts’, in control of the streets of the capital, Bangkok and a number of other major... [Read more]

  • Anti-war movement resolves: “No cooperation with war crimes”

    The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) submitted the resolution below to the Annual General Meeting of the Stop the War Coalition (StWC) on 25 April, and it was passed near unanimously.  In addition it had the full support of the StWC officers.  Lalkar is pleased to reproduce... [Read more]

  • Somali resistance opposes imperialism’s latest manoeuvres

    In recent months events in Somalia have been going through some twists and turns. The US inspired brutal occupation of Somalia by Ethiopian troops has patently failed to deliver the country into US hegemony. For two years Somali resistance forces have resolutely fought the occupation by Ethiopian... [Read more]

  • Philippine leader, Jose Maria Sison, victorious against false charges

    Those who laid false charges against comrade professor Jose Maria Sison have, by their clumsy efforts, only raised his stature in the eyes of the workers and oppressed peoples of the world.We congratulate him on his victory and we are delighted to reprint below the press statement he issued on 31... [Read more]

  • Resisting ‘rationalisation’ on the railways

    The ‘rationalisation’ that accompanied the capitalist crisis of the 1930s – described by Harry Pollitt as “the means whereby the capitalist can lower wages, intensify exploitation … [and] force speeding up in disregard of human life and safety” – is back with a vengeance at the top of the... [Read more]

  • Kim Il Sung’s decades of active anti-imperialism

    My job today is to say a few words about Comrade Kim Il Sung’s contribution to the cause of anti-imperialism. It is a rich subject spanning some seven decades; a cause with which his entire life was identified.In a talk with his comrades towards the end of his life, he summed up the situation by... [Read more]

  • Kim Il Sung and the question of socialist construction

    We, the organisations, who make up the Friends of Korea have made it a tradition to have a meeting in April to celebrate the birthday of Comrade Kim Il Sung.  Like all our meetings focussing on Korea, the April meetings centre primarily on current events, which in practice means reporting on the... [Read more]

  • Kim Il Sung’s great revolutionary contributions remembered and celebrated

    The Friends of Korea organised a meeting on Saturday 11 April in Saklatvala Hall, Southall, west London, to celebrate the 97th birthday of the Korean revolutionary leader, Comrade Kim Il Sung. It was an important opportunity to reaffirm solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea... [Read more]

  • Imperialism and War

    Veteran communist revolutionary, Jack Shapiro, acclaims CPGB-ML Chairman Harpal Brar’s new book as an encyclopaedia of Marxism Leninism.This enormous volume is a collection of Harpal Brar’s articles in Lalkar over a period of 10 years. Quite rightly, it is dedicated to Comrade Lenin, whose work... [Read more]

  • Current crisis of overproduction: worse than the 1929 crash

    Unprecedented crisisThe world capitalist system is in the midst of a deep recession, threatening to turn into an unprecedented slump, compared with which the 1929 depression, which lasted more than 10 years, would look almost mild. All around us is the spectacle of saturated markets, rising... [Read more]

  • CPB yet again sides with imperialism

    While the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) whinges to anyone who will listen to them about the wholly warranted criticism that they receive from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML), due to the former’s rotten revisionism, they have once again put their putrid... [Read more]