Issue: September/October 2023

  • Nigerien coup spearheads a popular revolution

    Another Sahel comprador regime has fallen to a popular movement led by patriotic army officers. The contagion is bound to spread.On 26 July, units of his presidential guard arrested Niger’s president, Mohammed Bazoum. The guards proceeded to dismiss the regime headed by Ouhoumodou Mohamadou, and... [Read more]

  • Obituary – Isabel Crook

    Honorary President of the CPGB-MLAll at LALKAR are mourning the death on 20 August 2023 of our comrade Isabel Crook at the grand old age of 107. We extend our deepest condolences to her son Michael, and all her family and comrades, in China, Canada, England and throughout the world, while with... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: changing proxies in midstream?

    As the fabled Ukrainian ‘counter-offensive’ against Russian forces stutters on with nothing to show for itself save a few terrorist spectaculars (like the drone attack on the Kremlin and drone attacks on the Kerch bridge and a Russian oil tanker) and a mounting death toll, it is proving... [Read more]

  • What is happening in the Russian economy?

    Enforced separation from the world market has reinforced moves back towards nationalisation and planning.Ever since the treacherous ‘secret’ speech given by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1956, the reputation of the revolutionary period of socialist construction in the USSR (personified in... [Read more]

  • Deindustrialisation kills

    A recent article in the Cambridge Journal of Economics entitled ‘Deindustrialisation and the post-socialist mortality crisis’ once again draws attention to the catastrophic effect on the working-class people of the countries of the Soviet Union and eastern Europe of the overthrow of communism. ... [Read more]

  • How the USA practises so-called ‘coercive diplomacy’ – a new name for an old imperialist game

    We sum up below the evidence presented in a report by our comrades in the Communist Party of China, to which a few of comments of our own have been added.*****Diplomacy is the art, science and means by which nations, groups or individuals conduct their affairs, in ways to safeguard their... [Read more]

  • Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Platform: How the KKE uses Marxist terminology to cover its retreat from Marxism

    The party of the Greek revolution has objectively transformed itself into an agent of imperialism, both nationally and internationally (1).On the basis of a Marxist analysis of the rapidly escalating imperialist war drive, anti-imperialists of the communist movement came together last year to... [Read more]

  • Oppenheimer the film, a review

    This film, directed and written by Christopher Nolan, currently on release and the subject of much publicity and hype, is well worth seeing on many levels.  It is a fascinating story, filmed with great artistry.  It is acknowledged to be based on the book American Prometheus by Kai Bird (2005).... [Read more]

  • Price-gouging is a real monopoly practice. But is it really at the root of the global economic crisis?

    For decades, Oxfam shops have been a common fixture on British high streets. Their twin-track approach of selling cheap second-hand clothes, used books, tantalising bric-a-brac and ethically-sourced products from developing countries, with the promise of charitable contributions winging their way... [Read more]

  • Macquarie stokes the roaring inflationary fires

    When privatised water utility Thames Water was publicly exposed for its dire record of negligence, letting Victorian-era pipes go to rack and ruin, failing to keep up with the resultant leaks and deliberately dumping raw sewage into the region’s waterways, the initial public reaction was to focus... [Read more]