Issue: March/April 2015

  • Ukraine – the relief of Debaltsevo

    One month on from the junta’s ill-fated winter offensive, the relief When the illegal junta in Kiev began its winter offensive on 18 January, Poroshenko and his NATO masters had high hopes that the breathing space that had been afforded by last September’s Minsk “ceasefire” accords... [Read more]

  • Turmoil in Yemen

    The Republic of Yemen, the poorest state on the Arabian peninsula, is sinking deeper into political turmoil, carrying with it the risk of an all-out conflict, drawing in both regional and big powers and adding further to the chaos and war now gripping a huge region centred on the Middle East... [Read more]

  • Venezuela – coup attempt defeated

    In mid February 2015 the Venezuelan authorities discovered and foiled a plot by rogue elements of the air force to stage a coup against the government that would start by the bombing of a series of strategic targets in Caracas with a Super Tucano counter-insurgency plane piloted by one José... [Read more]

  • MACEDONIA – Yet another failed US-backed coup

    Another failed coup attempt in February went almost entirely unreported in the western bourgeois media and that is one which took place in Macedonia. The evidence points directly at the United States as the prime mover behind the plot to unseat the government. In this case, however, the... [Read more]

  • Delhi elections: Clean sweep for the Aam Admi Party

    A surprise election result The results of the elections to the Delhi Legislative Assembly (DLA) were announced on 10 February 2015. The announcement of the results came as much as a shock to the winning party as to the losers. On a record turnout of 67.1%, the Delhi electorate (13.3... [Read more]

  • HSBC – the banksters’ bank

    Intro and HSBC record February 2015 saw the emergence of the latest in a stream of scandals from the ranks of the imperialist bourgeoisie and its political stooges: ” the Guardian, the BBC, Le Monde and 50 other media outlets revealed that HSBC’s Swiss banking arm helped... [Read more]

  • Behind the tragedy of the Libyan boat people

    On Sunday 15 February the Italian Coastguard and Navy launched a massive rescue operation near the Italian island of Lampedusa to save 2,164 people fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. Two days before that, 600 were rescued 50 miles off of the Libyan coast, while on 11 February... [Read more]

  • MAXIMUS: New bloodsucker appointed to bleed white the disabled

    US private healthcare company ‘Maximus’ is to follow in the footsteps of French firm ‘Atos’ from April after being contracted by the government to carry out Work Capability Assessments (WCA) on people receiving sickness and disability benefits. WCA are used to strip benefits from thousands of... [Read more]

  • WORLD WAR I – 100th Anniversary: Time for the Truth

    Last year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the first imperialist world war, the CPGB-ML and Stalin Society held a series of meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to refute the imperialist falsification of the meaning and essence of that war and to espouse the proletarian... [Read more]