Issue: March/April 2007

  • 80th Anniversary – British General Strike – 1926

    After the defeat of Chartism in the middle of the 19th century, the General Strike of 1926 was the most momentous event in the history of the British working class with tremendous revolutionary potential. However it was defeated by the combined forces of the British state, the TUC and the Labour... [Read more]

  • Soviet preparations for Nazi Invasion

    Anti-communist mud-slinging has provided a living for hundreds, even thousands, of bourgeois historians. For each officer in this army of penny-a-line bourgeois hacks, there is a different ‘theory’, a different set of ‘explanations’, often contradicting each other. However, they have a common... [Read more]

  • Palestine: The struggle continues on the strength of new unity

    The Israeli state, with the backing of its imperialist masters, namely US, Britain and the EU, has in recent months commenced a fresh assault on the Palestinian people, aimed at splitting their movement and degenerating the just Palestinian struggle into civil war. At a time when the... [Read more]

  • Labour ratchets up attacks on immigrant workers

    Immigration is once again hitting the headlines as the Labour government has reneged on its promise to thousands of skilled migrants by retrospectively changing the rules under which they are allowed to work in Britain. Skilled Migrants Programme Four years ago, Labour set up the Highly Skilled... [Read more]

  • In Celebration of the work of Kim Jong Il

    On 10 February 2007, a public meeting celebrating the work of DPRK leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was held at Saklatvala Hall, Southall, West London. After a film about life in Korea, Harpal Brar, the chair of Friends of Korea, introduced the various speakers who made short presentations on aspects... [Read more]

  • In Celebration of International Women’s Day

    In celebration of International Women’s day, we reproduce the speech of Ella Rule at a meeting called by Friends of Korea in Southall on 7th February, in which she gave details of the life and contribution to the revolutionary struggle of Comrade Kim Jong Suk. 2007 sees the 90th anniversary of... [Read more]

  • The Spanish government must grasp the olive branch held out by ETA and negotiate peace

    The ETA activist Iñaki de Juana Chaos, who has served 20 years in prison for his part in ETA attacks resulting in the death of some 25 people, is close to death as a result of a hunger strike he has been on for over 3 months. He is only alive as a result of being force fed, but is not expected... [Read more]

  • DPRK’s nuclear deterrent and the 6-Party Talks

    On Saturday 24 February another major demonstration was held in London against the US and British governments illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It attracted some 60,000 people, filling Trafalgar Square, and the march was decidedly hostile to the Labour government that has been... [Read more]

  • China and Development in Africa

    China’s economic statistics for 2006 have been published. Its growth hit 10.7% in 2006, the fourth successive year of double digit growth. Its GDP reached $2.690 trillion last year and it is expected it will overtake Germany’s $3 trillion output some time this year. Its exports were up 27% in... [Read more]