Issue: March/April 2014

  • Ukraine: fascist coup

    Since this article was written, the tide of violence has surged ever higher, culminating in the fascist coup the world is now witnessing. As we go to press the fascist coup engineered by the West in the Ukraine is now in full cry, with the ousted President Yanukovych the object of a manhunt,... [Read more]

  • J’accuse: Turkish lawyers confront Erdogan over war crimes

    As the cornered rats infesting Syria, driven into an ever deeper hole by the patriotic forces, descend deeper into murderous internecine squabbling within their own ranks, the West is finding it ever harder to prevent a true and shameful record of the proxy war from swimming into clearer... [Read more]

  • Thailand – rebellion of the rich

    In the last edition of Lalkar we reported on the latest incarnation of a wealthy people’s rising, this time in Thailand, whose leaders, if they were honest, would proclaim to the world; “we are the one percent and we want more!” Although Thailand is a bourgeois democracy, with all the... [Read more]

  • Syria: Damascus calls the West’s “humanitarian” bluff

    Damascus facilitates Homs hostage release As the Syrian army continues to make steady headway in the effort to hem in and eradicate the remaining pockets of terrorist influence, Damascus is seizing the opportunity where possible to facilitate the release of those civilians effectively held... [Read more]

  • 100th Anniversary of the Ghadar movement

    Part 4 Preparations for an uprising Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the Ghadar movement. By way of a tribute, Lalkar began dedicating this long article to the memory of its founders and participants – the forerunners of India’s struggle for liberation from British... [Read more]

  • The ‘Fragile Five’ crumble as the US

    The US Federal Reserve has been printing money (quantitative easing) for quite some time to lend out to the US government (i.e., to purchase its “bonds”). Because so much money is being made available for it to borrow, the government only needs to offer minimal, below inflation, rates of... [Read more]

  • Enquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK?

    Anybody interested in the Korean Peninsula and following a bit the western media must of necessity have heard talk over the last few days about the Commission of Enquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK which was set up by a resolution of the UN Human Rights Council dated 21 March 2013. Published on... [Read more]

  • A class analysis of British society at the start of the 21st century – Part 1

    INTRODUCTION Why do a class analysis at all? In 1926 Mao Zedong wrote a famous analysis of classes in Chinese society, and gave his reasons for doing so as follows: ” Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance for the revolution. The basic... [Read more]

  • The current rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Protest started on 4th of February in the industrial city of Tuzla. Workers of several privatised companies based in Tuzla organised a protest (without the help or support of trade-unions) demanding the cancellation of privatisations and against closing-down of the factories. They were joined... [Read more]