Issue: July/August 2006

  • Somalia: Islamic courts union victory – a blow to the U.S.

    On 5 June, the armed militia of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) routed the last remnants of the US-supported warlords and drove them out of Mogadishu and other southern cities. The warlords, who brought havoc and chaos to the capital of Somalia for years, feeling sufficiently threatened by... [Read more]

  • Report of Meeting to mark the imperialist war of aggression against Korea in 1950

    This year marks the 56th anniversary of the US-led aggression against the Korean people; it also marks the 53rd anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in their Fatherland Liberation War. In the UK, the Preparatory Committee to Celebrate the Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War... [Read more]

  • Israel: on the path to destruction

    Attempts at undermining Hamas government The election of 25 January in the Palestinian territories brought Hamas into office. This election was judged by the Carter Centre, which monitored all three Palestinian elections, as “honest, fair and peaceful, with the results accepted by winners and... [Read more]

  • Iraq: Intensified resistance greets Maliki puppet government

    New government In what the Sunday Times of 21 May referred to as “one of the most significant moments in [Iraq’s] rebirth since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003”, the Iraqi ‘parliament’ finally approved what is being called a government of national unity, with Nouri al-Maliki (yes, another... [Read more]

  • ‘Old’ Labour’s betrayal of Grunwick

    On the 23 August, 1976, heavy-handed management bullying and racial abuse led to two separate walkouts of six people at a photo-processing plant in Brent called Grunwicks, leading to a strike that has since gone into working class folk history as one of the longest, bitterest strikes in Britain. ... [Read more]

  • 80th Anniversary British General Strike – 1926

    Government Preparations Within 2 months of `Red Friday’, a public announcement of the Government’s first step came in the form of a press statement on 25 September, 1925, that there had already been set up a body called the “Organisation for the Maintenance of Supplies” – subsequently notorious... [Read more]

  • Capitalism in Crisis

    Those who struggle to advance Marxist-Leninist understanding amongst workers in Britain will be familiar enough with the irritation and incomprehension which is routinely displayed when repeated reference is made to “capitalist crisis” as the origin of the social developments being analysed. The... [Read more]

  • Remembering Bhagat Singh

    Born on 27 September 1907 in the village of Khatkar Kalan of Jalandhar district in Punjab, Bhagat Singh was inspired by his uncle Ajit Singh, who was seriously involved in the struggle for independence from Britain. Most of his student life was spent in Lahore, capital of the undivided Punjab,... [Read more]