Issue: November/December 2013

  • The media war on Syria

    The correspondence below was written by a CPGB-ML member in response to an article that appeared on titled ‘Structural inclinations – the leaning tower of propaganda: chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta, Syria‘ on 9 October. ____________________________________________ Dear Media... [Read more]

  • Hands off Somalia!

    September witnessed a bloody attack by between ten and fifteen Al-Shabaab militants upon Nairobi’s prestigious Westgate Mall, a partly Israeli-owned complex which offers the country’s elite and well-heeled tourists the “supreme experience of shopping“. The rescue operation stretched... [Read more]

  • Cyber spies: once more on the Snowden affair

    The revelations earlier this year by Edward Snowden re the Prism programme and the spying on the whole world by the US government through its National Security Agency (NSA), see Lalkar July/August 2013 edition, have just about... [Read more]

  • Royal Mail sell-off

    The eventual complete privatisation of Royal Mail (with only the post offices separated and remaining in public hands) passed with barely a whimper let alone anything resembling a bang. This privatisation was one, along with the NHS, that various governments have considered over the years but... [Read more]

  • World heritage site destroyed for US Navy Base

    Kang Dong Kyun, the Mayor of Ganjeong Village on Jeju Island, South Korea, has been touring Europe, visiting Dublin, London and various other English cities and Paris to draw attention to the destruction that is being wrought to an area UNESCO has declared to be one of the world’s most important... [Read more]

  • Grangemouth Fiasco

    The capitulation by Unite to the so-called “survival programme” bulldozed through at Grangemouth by Ineos is a black day for workers everywhere. The terms of the surrender are galling to read: a three year pay freeze, a three-year abstention from strikes, the imposition of inferior... [Read more]

  • Vo Nguyen Giap: 1911-2013

    On 4 October 2013, in a military hospital in Hanoi, where he had lived for the last few years of his life, General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnamese patriotic hero, staunch, loyal and devoted communist, and a man almost universally recognised as one of humanity’s greatest military geniuses of all... [Read more]

  • 100th Anniversary of the Ghadar movement

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ghadar movement. By way of a tribute, Lalkar is dedicating this long article to the memory of its founders and participants – the forerunners of India’s struggle for liberation from British colonialism. What follows is an attempt to give a brief... [Read more]

  • Once more on the US fiscal cliff

    On 17 October the US public debt hit the $17 trillion mark for the first time – $53,765 for each US citizen;$751,940 per family; $148,747 for each US taxpayer! This is 107% of GDP. Total personal debt is also over $16 trillion. It is more than obvious that these staggering amounts are nothing... [Read more]

  • Chin Peng – Malayan patriot and lifelong fighter for communism

    Following a last lengthy battle with cancer, on 16 September 2013, Comrade Chin Peng, who served as the secretary-general of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) for well over six decades, passed away in a hospital in the Thai capital, Bangkok, at the age of 88. Ironically, 16 September is... [Read more]