Issue: November/December 2003

  • WTO begins to crack up

    We are happy to report that the WTO Ministerial Talks held from 10-14 September 2003 in Cancun, Mexico, collapsed in disarray – as indeed it had been widely predicted they would. The context of these talks is the attempts by imperialist finance capital to ‘globalise’ investment, competition... [Read more]

  • BODY PARTS IN BIN BAGS, AND HOORAY FOR CAPITALISMThe increased trafficking of women and children into sexual slavery resulting from imperialism’s wars.

    Tens of thousands of women are trafficked every year into the sexual slavery of prostitution. Deception, intimidation, and body parts in bin bags, forms the terrorising reality for those whose lives have been stolen and traded as a sexual commodity in the twenty first century slave trade. A... [Read more]

  • Iraq – Imperialism in the quick sands

    What a difference a single year can make in international politics! A year ago, as US imperialism arrogantly marched towards war with Iraq, its leading political representatives asserted that it could all be done on the cheap – in terms of both financial and human costs. Anyone raising even a... [Read more]

  • Victim of Labour’s gallows: will George break with social democracy?

    With his expulsion from the Labour Party, Galloway has been handed a golden opportunity to finally break with the contemptible force in British politics that is social democracy. He now must choose between continuing along the dead-end road of reformism and opportunism or taking the revolutionary... [Read more]

  • Congratulations to the Chinese people

    On 15 October, amid outpouring of legitimate national pride, China became only the third country to launch a man into space and return him safely to Earth. Shenzhuo V (Divine Vessel V) took off from the Jiuquan satellite launch-pad in the Gobi desert, spent 21 hours in space, orbited the Earth 14... [Read more]

  • Labour’s “bloody nose” in Brent East

    On 18 September the residents of the Brent East constituency in North London participated in the unthinkable – their actions not only lost Labour its 13,000 majority and with one of its safest parliamentary seats (only 57 seats were safer), but also recorded a blistering criticism of the present... [Read more]

  • Bolivians rise up against imperialist looting

    Bolivia has been described as a beggar sitting on a mountain of gold. It is a description that applies to any number of the world’s super-exploited and oppressed countries. Imperialism helps itself to the gold only with the beggar’s permission, obtained through depositing pennies in the begging... [Read more]


    In March this year, just as British and US troops were launching their illegal and barbarous invasion of Iraq, BECTU, the Broadcast, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union, passed a resolution at its annual conference calling for a vote on continued affiliation to the Labour Party. This... [Read more]