International Seminar condemns release of notorious terrorist, Posada Carriles, by US

The participants in the International Seminar of Communist and working-class parties meeting in Brussels (Belgium) have learned with great concern of the decision of a court in the United States that allowed the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to go free on bail. Posada Carriles now remains charged only with the minor crime of lying to immigration authorities regarding his illegal entry of the United States; with that decision the US courts avoided their responsibility to judge him as a terrorist. This political decision of the Bush administration once again demonstrates its scorn for international laws and its ties and commitments to the terrorism that emanates from its own soil.

Posada Carriles’ criminal record and his ties to the CIA date from the times in which he worked confronting the revolutionary movements that were struggling against the military dictatorship of the southern cone of South America at the beginning of the 1970s. He also participated in the repression of national liberation movements in Venezuela, advising in methods of torture. He was responsible for the terrorist act that caused the explosion of a Cubana airliner with 73 passengers on board. From El Salvador, he carried out missions to destabilise the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and to repress the Salvadoran revolutionary movement. Also, he was apprehended by the government of Panama as he was attempting to carry out an attack against the Cuban head of state during the celebrated Latin American Summit in that country and finally, he organised a shipment of mercenaries to Cuba to place bombs in hotels, with the objective of discouraging tourism in that Caribbean island. One of these explosions caused the death of an Italian tourist.

For his services to the CIA and the United States government, and also taking into consideration his ties to George Bush Sr., tat he time Bush Sr. was head of the CIA, the current Bush administration decided not to try him as a terrorist. The Bush (Jr) administration fears the revelation of the secrets that Posada has in his possession regarding the role of the CIA in the countries mentioned above. The Venezuelan government has a pending request for extradition of Posada Carriles, who is a fugitive from Venezuelan justice.

By acting in that way, the government of the United States is failing to comply with its own laws to jail and try terrorists. In addition, by applying a double standard the US keeps in its prisons the Five Cuban patriots who, on US territory, fought against the terrorists who were part of the Cuban-American Mafia in Miami.

The participants of the International Communist Seminar in Brussels (Belgium) condemn the decision of the North American court and the policy of the Bush administration that released the well-known terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and the ruling not to judge him for the crime of terrorism.

We declare ourselves in support of the release from prison of the five Cuban patriots who have been enduring unjustified sentences in North American jails only because they fought terrorism on North American soil; we demand an end to the genocide and the blockade of Cuba and the continuing aggression of the US government against the Cuban people.