Celebration of Korean Spring Holiday

On Sunday 5th February the CPGB-ML hosted a reception in Saklatvala Hall to celebrate the Spring Holiday in Korea, which marks the birthday of Comrade Kim Jong Il, Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Comrades Ha Sin Guk and Thae Yong Ho from the London Embassy of the DPRK were special guests. They were welcomed by Harpal Brar, Chair of the CPGB-ML, who asked that they convey greetings and revolutionary solidarity to the Workers Party of Korea, and the Government and People of the DPRK.

Comrades Zane Carpenter and Ella Rule, CPGB-ML General Secretary and International Secretary respectively, spoke of the great achievements of the Korean People in building socialism in the DPRK and the inspiration that it gave us in our struggle to overthrow imperialism. They emphasised that our friendship with the people of Korea, and our solidarity with the Korean people in defending their right to self determination and striving to achieve a united country was a duty that was essential for the success of the struggle of the working class in Britain.

Comrade Ha expressed his joy that the Korean Spring Holiday was being celebrated in London, and brought the greetings of the Korean people to the meeting. He spoke of the determination of the Korean People to defend their country against all imperialist aggression. The DPRK had developed nuclear weapons as a defence against attack by imperialism

Comrade Thae commented on the way that history and current affairs were distorted in British schools. His son’s experience in a London school showed imperialism’s lies and how, for example, it vilified the leader of the DPRK to try to justify its attempts to dominate and exploit the peoples of the world. This was the reason why the Korean people were so determined and proud to celebrate Comrade Kim Jong Il’s birthday.

Comrade Harpal Brar congratulated the DPRK on the firmness of its stand and on the wisdom of its ‘Army First’ policy in the face of imperialist posturing and aggression. He reiterated the long held view that it was ridiculously hypocritical that the imperialist countries cried ‘foul’ at the idea of their victims, or intended victims, having nuclear weapons while they themselves had massive numbers of such weapons and used them as a threat in their attempts to trample over the over rest of the world in the pursuit of plunder and profit.

Lively discussions continued for the rest of the evening over a drink and a meal.