Revocation of Med TV’s Broadcast Licence

Med TV is outraged at the decision by the Independent Television Commission (ITC) to revoke its licence. Both in written representations and in the hearing before the Commissioners on 9 April, Med TV set out a detailed programme and news restructure for the future which should have satisfied the Commission.

Med TV had already been punished by being suspended for the last 26 days. To revoke the licence is a draconian and disproportionate sanction and we are taking legal advice about challenging the decision.

The decision is undoubtedly political and Med TV fears the decision is inspired by the UK government’s relationship with Turkey, its NATO ally, particularly at the present time. Already the Turkish Prime Minister is taking credit for the decision. Only the Turkish state will rejoice at this decision which is contrary to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteeing freedom of expression.

We can reassure the Kurdish people that we will be back on air before long.

Press Release from Med TV, 23 April.

[We have been informed that the chairman of ITC is Sir Robert Biggam who happens to be a non-executive director of British Aerospace. British Aerospace is one of Turkey’s major arms suppliers – recently supplying Turkey with 500,000 HK33 assault rifles.]