Chechen terrorism is being caused by Yeltsinism

Declaration of the CC of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (Victor Tyulkin)


A series of terrorist outrages has started with the explosion in the commercial centre on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. It was continued with the explosions in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk. They herald an escalation of what has been developing in Russia and the former Soviet republics for a long time. What is new is that civil wars and bloody violence which used to be confined to Russia’s border regions now also spill over into the capital.

The real reason for these events is the annihilation of our socialist society, in which political power and our laws aimed to achieve the equality of our people, both at the social and the national level. However, at present a society is being built on the basis of overt inequality of person and of property. This has brought out the worst in people and has led to a cruel power struggle, the separatism of national élites, and, crucially, to the reign of the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

In all conflicts that set citizens and nations of the former Soviet Union against each other, the current ruling regimes of the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) are the guilty parties. The main culprit is the Yeltsin clique and its western sponsors. It has been known for a long time that the best friend of these Russian ‘democrats’, i.e., the United States of America, is planning, having achieved the break-up of the Soviet Union, now to dismantle also Russia. In this aim they accord an important role to the region of the Caucasus, as well as to the Islamic factor. The US strategy is to attempt to divert the Muslim terrorists away from their opposition to American imperialism and direct them against Russia.

The Chechen card is not being played for the first time. Today we are witnessing an expansion towards Russian territory, which specialists have long been predicting. The motives of the Kremlin and the Chechen rulers are identical. They want to rule their own people as well as other peoples. They hunger for power and profits and seek to evade any responsibility for their actions. Therefore they use identical methods to secure their rule and to hang on to power.

The shelling of the parliament building in October 1993 was a no less shameful and grievous crime than was causing explosions in residential areas. During ‘black October’, too, hundreds of innocent people perished. The existence of Chechnya in its current form is the result of Yeltsin’s statement: “

Take as much of independence as you can swallow

!” and of the war he conducted between 1994 and 1996. In fact, Yeltsin is not only the progenitor of Maskhadov [the president of Chechnya], but also of Basayev and Khattab [the leaders of the expansionist Islamic fundamentalist movement in Daghestan]. It is no coincidence that during the CIS parliamentary elections of 1995, the Chechen leaders were those who cast the most votes for the government party, the Russian Homeland Party, i.e., 48%. Moreover, in the presidential elections of 1996, there was hardly anywhere where Yeltsin received more support than here, i.e., 73%. The government of Chechnya (and its most peculiar supporter and guarantor, the Russian regime) continue to extend their deadly sphere of influence.

In order to answer the question ‘Who benefits from all this?’, one should start from the following noteworthy observations:

Firstly. Attention is diverted awayfrom the social problems and setbacks suffered by the Russian people. These have given rise already to millions of victims and will give rise to as many more in the future. Attention has been diverted away also from the exposure of the involvement of high-ranking officials in scandals and financial defalcations.

Secondly. An atmosphere of tension and fear is built up in society. This tension serves to consolidate society around the current regime, which pretends to be fighting terrorism.

Thirdly. The repellent image of the ‘terrorist-extremist’ is impressed on people’s minds. The horror felt for such figures is easily transferred by the media to any political opponent of the regime who supports the radical cause, especially the communists.

Fourthly. In any case conditions are created for martial law to be declared, with a view to suppressing the opposition.


The cause of the bloody tragedies taking place is the ruling regime and its policy of restoring capitalism in Russia. To put a stop to these tragedies, the power of the anti-popular forces has to be smashed at every level, from Yeltsin to Maskhadov. The workers must re-establish the real power of the people in the shape of Soviets.