Dear comrade

When we look at the Government’s plans to hold terror suspects for three months without charge, we should recall it was Apartheid South Africa Minister of Justice, John Vorster who in 1963 enacted the General Law Amendment Act; better known as the Ninety Day Law. This helped the Government to transform the country into a police state. It was a gift any dictator would grab with both hands. The act was a disaster for the people of South Africa.

The Labour Government was knocked back with its law to give it similar powers in Britain. This collective which is forever singing the praises of democracy to us has refused to accept its defeat. It is like an English bull terrier that has sunk its teeth into a prime piece of meat; it refuses to let go. This prize will mean so much to them in the near future.

Those who believe this law is principally to defeat terrorism should think a little deeper. Capitalism is moving into stormy waters, the type of which it has never had to face before; it knows it shall need the new weapons it is forging for the struggles to come. The working class must prepare itself.

Yours fraternally

W Hunt-Vincent