Glory to Lenin and Leninism

21st January 2004 marks the 80th anniversary of the death of V.I.Lenin who defended the revolutionary heritage of Marxism and creatively developed it, bringing it to a higher stage – Leninism. His teachings on scores of topics, particularly on imperialism, state and revolution, party organisation, war and peace, the fight against social democracy and opportunism, etc. are even more valid today than they were in his lifetime. He defended Marxism in the fields of philosophy, politics and economics and was the chief inspirer on the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917, which changed the face of the world.

Notwithstanding the colossal reversals suffered by socialism, thanks to the treachery of Khruschevite revisionism, the world will never be the same as before that earth-shaking event.

Lalkar joins hundreds of political parties, and hundreds of millions of proletarians and oppressed people in the world, who would be marking the 80th anniversary of the death of this giant revolutionary and teacher of the proletariat by a variety of activities – seminars, publications, etc.

On the death of Engels, Lenin inserted an obituary note which began by quoting from a poem by N.A.Nekrasov, ‘In Memory of Dobrolyubov’ to the following effect: “What torch of reason ceased to burn, What a heart has ceased to beat!”

Lenin ended by saying “… the name and life of Engels should be known to every worker … Let us always honour the memory of Frederick Engels, a great fighter and teacher of the proletariat!”

These words apply with equal force to the life and work of V.I.Lenin. Precisely for this reason let the name of V.I.Lenin be known to every worker; let us always honour the memory of V.I.Lenin, a great fighter and teacher of the proletariat.