Issue: March/April 2001

  • Britain’s True Terrorists

    LALKAR also thanks Felicity Arbuthnot for a copy of this letter which was published in theBig Issueof March 4th.Britain’s True Terrorists?What an irony. The Terrorism Act is, according to your succinct analysis (Big Issue 425) designed to prevent ‘use or threat of action … to influence the... [Read more]

  • SLP Rally denounces bombing and sanctions

    On Thursday 22 February the London Region of the SLP held a public meeting in Conway Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to denounce, and to demand an end to, the imperialist sanctions against countries such as Iraq, Cuba, Libya and the DPRK. Since this rally came so soon after the latest... [Read more]

  • Earthquake in India

    Since the last issue of LALKAR a terrible earthquake struck India – its epicentre being the Gujarat town of Bhuja. Apart from material devastation, estimated conservatively at $1 billion, it has taken toll of several tens of thousands of lives.We send our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved... [Read more]

  • A comment on the Mandelson affair

    “A democratic republic”, said Lenin,“is the best possible political shell for capitalism, and, therefore, once capital has gained control of this very best shell, it establishes its power so securely, so firmly, thatnochange, either of persons, of institutions, or of parties in the... [Read more]

  • Dr Majumdar receives Science Award

    LALKAR sends hearty congratulations to Dr. Sisir K. Majumdar on his receiving the prestigious P.B. Memorial Award for his significant contribution in the field of physiological sciences. Dr. Majumdar was given this award by the Physiological Society of India for his work on the History of... [Read more]

  • Behind the Lockerbie frame-up

    The eminent barrister Horace Rumpole has often noted that the “golden thread running through the history of British justice” is that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty by the prosecution “beyond a reasonable doubt“. Of course, Rumpole is a fictional character created by writer John... [Read more]

  • Maurice Levitas

    Obituary of a fighter against fascism and for working class emancipationMaurice Levitas, a fine comrade and friend, died on 14 February 2001. Maurice will be well known to regular readers ofLalkarfor the numerous occasions he contributed to meetings reported by us held on the subject of the... [Read more]

  • Letter

    To the Editor, Lalkar.Comrade,I have received a copy (current one for Jan/Feb 2001) from one of your supporters/Subscribers (Nora Ridley). Therefore please start with the next issue (cheque enclosed).All your article are excellent. Very well researched, documented and presented, and that is all... [Read more]

  • Bombing Kuwait

    Felicity Arbuthnot was unable to attend the SLP Rally because she was in the Middle East, however that does not stop her continuing to expose the role of the British Government by writing letters to the press. She sent us this copy of a letter sent toThe Guardian.Dear Sir,Re: Bombing... [Read more]

  • War criminal elected Prime Minister of Israel

    The latest Israeli election of 6 February, which resulted in the notorious war criminal, Ariel Sharon, being elected as prime minister, is more a symptom of the incurable crisis gripping the Zionist state than a solution to its problems. Israeli society and the Israeli electorate stumble from... [Read more]

  • IRAQ – the devastating effects of sanctions

    by Joanne BakerI’d like to tell you a little bit about why I go to Iraq and then to concentrate on the effect of sanctions on the ordinary people there.I’ve been to Iraq three times now. Twice in 1999 with Voices in the Wilderness and once last summer with an independent delegation of women. We... [Read more]

  • Support the Socialist Labour Party at the General Election

    It is a near-certainty that the next General Election in Britain will be held on 3rd of May. Three bourgeois parties – Tory, Lib-Dem and Labour – and one socialist party – the Socialist Labour Party – will be contesting these elections. Whatever little justification (in our view there was... [Read more]

  • DEPLETED URANIUM – Imperialism’s Heinous Crimes

    When the Iraqi people have managed to pull themselves together following the most recent bombing by US and UK forces, and as they continue on with their daily lives in constant terror of the next attack, they will still have to deal with effects of the 1991 Gulf War which, 10 years on, remains an... [Read more]

  • Laurent Kabila

    Imperialism murders another great Congolese patriotOn 16 January 2001, Laurent Kabila, the great patriotic President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was murdered. The instrument of his murder was one of his own bodyguards. The culprits were undoubtedly US and Belgian imperialism.This... [Read more]

  • October 30th – A great victory

    Malkiat Bilku returns to work at Hillingdon HospitalAfter five long years of struggle, the Hillingdon Hospital strikers have finally begun to be offered jobs back at the hospital. On October 30th, 2000, Malkiat Bilku at last returned to Hillingdon Hospital, the Hospital from which she was... [Read more]

  • The price of an Arab life in Israel

    The Timesof 22 January 2001 reported on an example of Israeli ‘justice’, which illustrates better than any amount of rhetoric the racist and fascist nature of the Zionist settler state.Nabum Kurman, a Jewish settler, caught hold of a ten-year old Palestinian boy, Hilmi Shousha, from a group of... [Read more]