Issue: May/June 2014

  • Ukraine: imperialism opens Pandora’s box

    If the West ever believed that cultivating a fascist provocation on the borders of the Russian Federation would somehow compensate for the failure of its proxy war against Syria, the events currently unfolding in the Ukraine are teaching a very different lesson. The wars of national... [Read more]

  • The Bay of Tweets – US imperialism fails to foment a ‘Cuban Spring’

    US imperialism has been revealed to have been attempting to stir up revolt against the Cuban government through first surreptitiously establishing a social media network similar to Twitter by the name of ZunZuneo. Elaborate precautions were taken to ensure that the hand of US imperialism... [Read more]

  • Syria: Imperialism prolongs a proxy war it cannot win

    In the same week in April that Peter Clarke, former head of the Metropolitan Police’s counterterrorism unit, was appointed as witchfinder-general tasked with sniffing out and uprooting alleged “islamic radicalisation” in Birmingham’s schools, news broke that an eighteen year old Muslim... [Read more]

  • End note: The Contribution of Agnes Smedley

    Agnes Smedley played a tremendous part in helping the Ghadarites in every way, especially in fighting against their deportation to India and certain death. When the Indians were accused by US intelligence officers of being German spies, she replied rightly: ” No – no more than Benjamin... [Read more]

  • End note: A Few Words On Ram Chandra

    We return now to the case of Ram Chandra. To repeat, after the departure of other prominent Ghadarites for India and the wider eastern front, Ram Chandra became editor of Ghadar Weekly. He was a dominant, not to say a domineering, figure in the Ghadar Party during that period and no one... [Read more]

  • Report of Iris’s funeral

    Iris’s funeral took place on 17 April at Mortlake Crematorium in West London. The service was filled to capacity, not only with Iris’s family and friends and Party comrades, but also with the most diverse of community leaders, as well as leaders and supporters of progressive political parties... [Read more]

  • Iris Cremer – her daughter’s tribute

    I really did not want to be up here addressing funeral guests last time when my father’s service was here. And cannot believe we are all back here again so soon! Over the past two years my mum has shown us exactly what she was made of: determination, focus, love and those hugs. ... [Read more]

  • The sunshine of the oppressed – a poem for Iris

    When cancer pronounced its death sentence Iris faced it without fear. “I’ve had a good life”, she said to all She wasn’t concerned that her end was near. Iris’s pride was to be a work horse Toiling gladly in the revolutionary cause Day and night come rain or shine ... [Read more]

  • CPGB-ML Chairman’s Tribute to Iris Cremer

    “Death is not a misfortune for the one that dies but for the one that survives”, Karl Marx used to repeat after Epicurus. The CPGB-ML, nay, the British working-class movement, is poorer for the loss of this indefatigable protagonist of the cause of emancipation of the proletariat and the... [Read more]

  • Red Salute to Comrade Iris Cremer, soldier of the Revolution

    It is with great sadness that the CPGB-ML has to announce the death of one of its key founder members, Comrade Iris Cremer. She died peacefully on the evening of Wednesday 2 April, just five weeks after she had been diagnosed with an aggressive and already far-advanced lung cancer. Comrades... [Read more]

  • 100th Anniversary of the Ghadar movement

    Part 5 The German connection and the San Francisco Trial Ghadar Party and Germany At the time it was suggested by some pro-British writers that the Ghadar movement in America was the product of “German intrigues” that succeeded in persuading “uneducated or half-educated”... [Read more]

  • Expose the Anti-Communist, Communist Party of Britain: Lesson 1, Violent Revolutio

    The question of revolution is a basic one of Marxism. It is fundamental to the entire theory. I will not complicate the issue, because it is not a complex issue, but is very straightforward. Firstly, let us look at the classics. “On the other hand, the “Kautskyite” distortion of... [Read more]

  • A Class Analysis of British Society at the start of the 21st Century

    PART 2-THE PETTY-BOURGEOISIE The petty bourgeoisie includes small shopkeepers, small farmers, taxi drivers, various tradesmen, window cleaners, jobbing gardeners and other such small businesses. It also includes the minority of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.,... [Read more]

  • Bristol PLC wins Rockefeller franchise

    Since being sworn in as the first elected Mayor of Bristol in November 2012, George Ferguson has had a difficult tightrope to walk. At a moment when running local capitalism means enforcing cuts on public services, he has shown himself adept at distracting public attention from the elephant... [Read more]

  • Banking bonuses – a vultures’ feast

    In capitalist countries today, many of the biggest exploiters parade as mere employees. However they are employees who have control of vast amounts of other people’s money, and theoretically their function is to use that money for the purpose of securing profitable investment of that money... [Read more]