Issue: March/April 2000

  • New book – Marxism and the Emancipation of Women

    – Marxism and the Emancipation of WomenOn 26 February, at Saklatvala Hall in Southall, a new book was launched entitledMarxism and the Emancipation of Women.Ella Rule, the editor of this new book, explained that the decision to bring it out was based on the need to counteract the negative effect... [Read more]

  • Oppose Visitors’ Visa Bond

    Take a stand against Britain’s racist immigration laws.A picket of the Home Office, Queen Anne’s Gate, London was organised by Indian Workers Association (GB) on 15th February. Ealing Southall CSLP supported this action and distributed the following information as part of its mobilisation for... [Read more]

  • Tibet builds socialism

    In the last article in this series we detailed the cruelty and inefficiency that characterised the anachronistic feudal Tibetan regime at the time of the Chinese Revolution. The inefficiency of the system meant that Tibet could not produce nearly enough of the necessaries of life to meet the... [Read more]

  • News in brief

    US stock marketMichael Mussa, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is reported in theFinancial Timesof 25 February 2000 that current overvaluation of the US stock market“may be greater[than at the time of the 1987 Wall Street Crash]and a larger and more prolonged correction may be... [Read more]

  • Shadows behind Pinochet

    by Zane CarpenterEveryone is now aware that the Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, ‘has a mind to release’ the mass murderer, General Augusto Pinochet. But what has led Mr Straw to be so ‘minded’?The official reason is medical advice, intended to have been kept secret, which, supposedly, casts... [Read more]

  • The New World Order, double standards: East Timor and Angola, after Kosovo

    Victoria Brittain’s contribution to the fringe meeting at the SLP Congress, November 6th 1999. In the previous issue of the paper, the Congress report was included but due to shortage of space we were unable to include this article. It is reproduced below as we promised last time.I’ve chosen... [Read more]

  • London Mayor Election and the fake left

    Referring in the nomination of their respective candidates for the post of London mayor, theFinancial Timeseditorial of 29 February 2000 correctly observed that“the process of selecting both the Labour and Conservative candidates was a farce.”In Labour’s case, this process, accompanied as it was... [Read more]

  • Labour Party – 100 Years of

    faithful service to imperialismThere are people in the left movement, including some calling themselves communists, who make the assertion that the Labour Party is a party of the British working class, which can be an instrument of socialism in Britain. They are wrong. The purpose of this... [Read more]

  • News in brief

    IraqHans von Sponeck, head of the UN’s oil-for food programme and its top official in Iraq, and Jutta Purghart, head of the UN World Food Programme in Iraq, have just resigned from their posts. The resignations were in protest at the impossibility of implementing the UN’s humanitarian programmes... [Read more]

  • Jörg Haider’s Freedom Party – a mirror of imperialist racism

    a mirror of imperialist racismFollowing the Austrian general election last year, Jörg Haider’s far right Freedom Party, which increased its share of the vote from 5% in 1986 to 27%, joined with the centre-right People’s Party to form a coalition government in which each of these two parties has... [Read more]

  • A shameful boast

    In an interview he gave on Turkish radio recently, Mikhail Gorbachev, the former General Secretary of the CPSU and President of the Soviet Union, made the shameful admission that his ambition, all along, was“to liquidate communism”.We publish below the transcript of Gorbachev’s interview from the... [Read more]

  • News in brief:London:

    Diarmuid O’NeillAn inquest into the death of Diarmuid O’Neill, gunned down in Hammersmith in 1996 by police marksmen, found – by majority verdict – that Diarmuid was “lawfully” killed. It seems that the police have licence to kill anybody if they claim that they believe him to be armed, however... [Read more]

  • The aftermath of the 1997 ‘currency crisis’

     This article was written at the end of October 1999 with a view to being reproduced in the November/December issue of LALKAR. However, lack of space prevented its publication then. The reader ought to keep this in mind when confronted with a reference to expressions such as this year and last... [Read more]


    We shall see who resists longer! Extractsfrom a text published inGranmaon February 18 and sworn as a commitment by thousands of Cubans in Mangos de Baragua on Saturday 19THERE can be no doubt: in spite of the statement by the Secretary of State on the issue of kidnapped Cuban child Elián González... [Read more]