Issue: September/October 2011

  • Interview with Mohammed Hassan on the situation in Yemen

    Lalkar is pleased to reproduce below an interview conducted, at end of July, with Comrade Mohammed Hassan from the Belgian Workers’ Party, previously an Ethiopian ambassador and a person who is extremely knowledgeable about the Middle East.  Because of the paucity of information about the subject... [Read more]

  • Syria steadfast in face of imperialist-backed counter-revolution

    With the NATO imperialists having secured significant military victories in Libya, by means of the most brutal use of overwhelming fire power and superior military technology (although, at time of writing, the courageous resistance of the revolutionary and patriotic forces led by Colonel Gaddafi... [Read more]

  • Famine in Somalia: imperialism is to blame

    The famine gripping Somalia is no “natural disaster”.  Even leaving aside the question of what impact man-made climate change has had on the frequency of drought episodes (now recurring every three years or so, a far cry from the predictable decennial droughts that afflicted the region half a... [Read more]

  • Rage against capitalism: The working class fights back

    The riots that broke out in Tottenham, north London, on the night of Saturday 6 August, and again over subsequent nights, spreading first to communities across London, and then to cities around the country, represent the spontaneous anger of broad sections of working people, particularly the... [Read more]

  • Support the Libyan resistance against imperialism

    At the moment the situation in Libya is fluid and changing with every passing day.  We shall have to await the outcome of the struggle taking place before making a thorough analysis of the present phase of the imperialist predatory war against Libya.  Meanwhile we issue the following brief... [Read more]

  • DPRK-China Friendship develops through centuries

    The DPRK and China are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the bilateral treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance.The treaty, which was signed by President Kim Il Sung and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai on July 11, Juche 50 (1961), demonstrated the bilateral friendship forged in the... [Read more]

  • The crisis of overproduction deepens

    Buried behind sensationalist coverage of the youth uprising in Britain and triumphalist rantings in regard to the Nato assault on Libya, has been further documentation of the economic crisis which is deepening by the hour.  The big stories have been, on the one hand, the brinkmanship in the US... [Read more]

  • History: Britain’s communist party

    In our society, where the fields of information and education are as much dominated by the monopoly-capitalist ruling class and its state as are culture and what passes for politics, tackling questions of working-class history – and, even more, the history of the British communist movement – is... [Read more]

  • Anti-imperialist barbecue: A great success

    More than 120 people packed Saklatvala Hall in Southall on Saturday 30 July for the CPGB-ML’s annual anti-imperialist summer barbecue, organised to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the victory of the Korean and Chinese peoples in the Korean war and of the raid on the Moncada Barracks that... [Read more]