Issue: March/April 2019

  • It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela

    Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba. It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela.FEB 14 2019The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the US government in preparation for a military... [Read more]

  • The Jallianwala Bagh (Amritsar) massacre

    April 13 this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh (Amritsar) massacre. To understand, and appreciate, its significance in the struggle of the Indian people for liberation from British colonial rule, it is important to put it in the context of the First imperialist World War,... [Read more]

  • Brexit – Parliament does the hokey-cokey

    In, out, in, out, shake it all about. Do the hocus pocus and TURN RIGHT ROUND, that’s what it’s all about!In a key statement to parliament on February 12th Theresa May gave her latest Brexit update. She started this statement by saying she wants to deliver a Brexit which(1) Honours commitments... [Read more]

  • Job cuts and factory closures; the car industry in Britain

    According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 186,000 workers are directly engaged in manufacturing jobs in the British car industry, with 856,000 workers to be found in the wider industry, from sales executives to garage mechanics. It’s an industry worth a whopping £82bn... [Read more]

  • Fight the closure of Honda in Swindon!

    In a further devastating blow to jobs in Britain’s car industry, Honda has announced its intention to get rid of 3,500 workers at its Swindon plant in Wiltshire, with as many again likely to be made redundant in businesses supplying Honda. This follows previous job cuts announced by Jaguar Land... [Read more]

  • Syria – US imperialism finds defeat hard to swallow

    Whilst chaotic divisions within US imperialist ruling circles continue to send conflicting messages regarding Trump’s avowed policy of pulling troops out of Syria by the end of April, the reactions of friend and foe alike confirm the reality of the unstoppable advance of Syria’s liberation forces... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: presidential election

    On 31 March the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko, will defend his presidency in Ukrainian elections. This sham of democracy, played out by the same oligarchic forces which in 2014 launched a violent Western-backed coup to overthrow the previously elected president and government, is bereft... [Read more]

  • US imperialist scrapping of INF Treaty aimed against both Russia and China

    President Trump who, when standing for election, claimed to favour improving relations with Russia, has taken imperialist duplicity to a new level of blatancy, as shown by his unilateral announcement that the US is ending another bilateral peace agreement, the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear... [Read more]

  • Anti-semitism is cover for a much deeper divide in Britain’s Labour party

    Breakaway MPs hope that smearing Corbyn will obscure the fact that they are remnants of an old political order bankrupt of ideasWhen Jeremy Corby was elected the leader of the Labour Party, some powerful sections of the bourgeoisie, including some rich Jewish members of it, were alarmed and... [Read more]

  • Housing and architecture in the Soviet Union

    (By Katt Cremer, the second of two presentations to the Stalin Society, London)This contribution follows from the previous presentation, reproduced in Lalkar in November 2016, that looked at the sheer scale of the housing problem that the Bolsheviks faced in 1917. We looked at how the Soviet... [Read more]

  • The origins of World War 2

    Presentation made to the Stalin Society, London, by Harpal Brar on 18 November 2018The Second World War was a continuation of the First World War. With the defeat of Germany, the First World War had strengthened the position of French and British imperialism, especially the latter. On the eve of... [Read more]

  • More on the running down of the NHS and its gradual privatisation

    In an article in The Times, published 19 January 2019, a doctor, John Cormack, highlighted the effects of the crisis/run-down of the publicly-owned and free at the point of use National Health Service from the point of view of GPs.Dr John Cormack is 71, having been a GP for 40 years, and having... [Read more]

  • How to squeeze the NHS and get a gong

    There is an old saying that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ but, in a system which is based upon the robbery of workers of the fruits of their labour power, who could believe such nonsense?Step forward Vijay Patel, the latest example showing that crime pays very well thank you if your crime is against the... [Read more]