Issue: July/August 2005

  • Statement on Zimbabwe elections

    The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) sends its heartfelt congratulations to Comrade Robert Mugabe, ZANU-PF, and the heroic Zimbabwean people on the occasion of their landslide election victory over the imperialist stooge outfit, the ‘Movement for Democratic Change’. The... [Read more]

  • Oppose continuing demonisation of Zimbabwe

    The never-ceasing demonisation of Zimbabwe in the aftermath of the land distribution in that country obliges us to return to the subject again. If one paid any attention to the media and statesmen of imperialism, especially Anglo-American imperialism, one would get the impression that everything... [Read more]

  • Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and tts significance

    On 25 May the opening was announced of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline built to carry oil from the Caspian region to the Mediterranean sea. At 1,094 miles in length, it is the world’s longest oil pipeline, crossing Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. It is not expected to be fully... [Read more]

  • DPRK’s nuclear weapons are the only guarantee of peace on the Korean peninsula

    It is routine for the various imperialist powers to label any country which develops nuclear energy and weapons without their approval as a threat to world peace and to raise a hue and cry against them. North Korea was peacefully developing a nuclear industry in order to meet its most basic... [Read more]

  • The Downing Street memo

    According to recently leaked documents, which have come to be known as the Downing Street Memo, the war against Iraq would be neither legal nor sensible but very dangerous. One of the documents is a personal letter from the British foreign minister, Jack Straw, to prime minister Blair. In this... [Read more]

  • Iraq: Anglo-American occupation in quagmire

    Following the bogus and rigged elections held in Iraq on 30 January 2005, Anglo-American imperialism had hoped that the Iraqi people would be duped into giving up their resistance to the brutal occupation of their country on the alleged ground that Iraq now had a democratically-elected sovereign... [Read more]

  • ID cards: What the government is trying to push through

    The first generation of biometric passwords is due to be issued from 2006. The government is planning to start issuing ID cards in 2008. The ID cards database, if it becomes a reality, will be the largest biometric database in the world, storing iris patterns and fingerprints in addition to... [Read more]

  • Harilaos Florakis 1914 – 2005

    Harilaos Florakis, one of the veterans of the Greek working class and communist movement passed away on 22 May. While sending our condolences to his family, friends and comrades, we wish to stress the role this remarkable man played in fighting against liquidationism in the aftermath of the... [Read more]

  • Book review by Mario Sousa: “Stalingrad” by Antony Beevor – a piece of Nazi war propaganda

    “The bourgeoisie”, said Engels, “turns everything into a commodity, hence also the writing of history. It is a part of its being, of its condition for existence, to falsify all goods: it falsified the writing of history. And the best-paid historiography is that which is best falsified for the... [Read more]