Issue: September/October 2006

  • Dismembering history: How Trotskyism “remembers” the Spanish Civil War

    2006 sees the 70th anniversary of the fascist rebellion which triggered a three-year people’s war in defence of the Spanish Republic against General Franco’s fascist rebels, who were lavishly assisted by German and Italian fascism, and were further strengthened by the embargo on supplies to the... [Read more]

  • Blatant election fraud in Mexico

    On July 2 this year Mexico held presidential elections. The winner was declared to be the protégé of US imperialism, the Harvard educated close friend of President Bush, Felipe Calderon. This result, however, was so obviously rigged that “crowds of protesters [have been] squatting in Mexico... [Read more]

  • Lebanon: Israeli defeat ushers in a new middle east

    The most recent 34-day war between Israel, backed to the hilt by Anglo-US imperialism, and the Lebanese resistance, Hizbollah, concluded with an uneasy and fragile truce on 14 August following a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire. This war has been a most humiliating defeat... [Read more]

  • Victory of Fatherland Liberation War Celebrated

    This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the victory of the progressive forces of the Korean people in their Fatherland Liberation War to liberate their country against US-led aggression. The Preparatory Committee to Celebrate the Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War held a Celebratory... [Read more]

  • 80th Anniversary of the British General Strike of 1926

    After the defeat of Chartism in the middle of the 19th century, the General Strike of 1926 was the most momentous event in the history of the British working class with treimendous revolutionary potential. However it was defeated by the combined forces of the British state, the TUC and the Labour... [Read more]

  • Elections in Congo: A calculated step towards peace and prosperity

    Background to the Congolese elections On July 30 this year the Congo held its first elections in 40 years – elections which had been promised by Laurent Kabila upon taking power in 1997 and which it has finally been possible to hold after years of civil war and foreign invasion devastated the... [Read more]

  • On 75th martyrdom anniversary of Bhagat Singh: Statement to the Court on the Bombing of the Central Assembly

    ‘TO MAKE THE DEAF HEAR’ 75 years ago the British Raj judicially murdered Bhagat Singh, RajGuru and Sukhdev in Ferozepur, Punjab. With the hanging of these heroes, the British authorities intended to stamp out their revolutionary ideals. In death, Bhagat Singh has proved to be even more... [Read more]