Issue: March/April 2006

  • Palestine: Hamas victory – blow to Zionism and imperialism

    The election victory of Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza marks a momentous sea-change for the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. It demonstrates very clearly that the Palestinian population have had enough of a failed peace process whereby the Palestinians are forced into making more and... [Read more]

  • New year message from North Korea: “Make a higher leap full of great ambition and confidence”

    On the occasion of the New Year Juche 95 (2006), Rodong Sinmun, the official organ of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee, Josoninmingun and Chongnyonjonwi issued the following joint editorial in their papers. Last year Juche 94 (2005) was a year of fruitful efforts and a year of great... [Read more]

  • Celebration of the successes of the Korean revolution under the leadership of comrade Kim Jong Il

    Under the auspices of a Preparatory Committee for the celebration, formed by representatives of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), the New Communist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), the Society for Friendship with Korea and others, a... [Read more]

  • Iraq: 2006 should be worse than the last 3 years for the occupation forces

    The coming 20 March marks the third anniversary of the commencement of the Anglo-American imperialist predatory war against the people of Iraq. Before the end of April, the aggressors had captured Baghdad and illegally overthrown the regime of the elected Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein. George... [Read more]

  • Iran: brinkmanship or war?

    On 2 February 2006, the Board of the International Atomic Energy Commission, under heavy pressure from US imperialism, finally “referred” Iran to the Security Council of the United Nations, due to meet on 6 March. From the day that the Iranian people overthrew the regime of US imperialism’s most... [Read more]

  • Capitalism and immigration

    Ours is not the first generation to encounter migration on a vast scale. 200 million people, representing 3% of the global population, work outside their countries – double the number of migrants 25 years ago. This new wave of migration (for which there are several reasons to which we shall... [Read more]