Issue: November/December 2000

  • Election in Yugoslavia

    a victory for democracy or naked force, imperialist lies, threats and bribery? The Yugoslav presidential election was held on 24 September. The five candidates who contested the election were as follows: Slobodan Milosevic, nominated by the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), the Yugoslav Left... [Read more]

  • Another fatal rail accident

     On Tuesday 17 October a GNER train travelling at high speed from King’s Cross to Leeds came off the rails near Hatfield in Hertfordshire. The result of this accident was the loss of four lives and 33 people injured.The cause of the accident was quickly identified as a broken rail. At the same... [Read more]

  • Report on SLP’s education school

     The Education Committee of the SLP organised its first-ever national School on education. It took place at the weekend of 2-3 September in Saklatvala Hall, Southall. This School was very well attended, specially by young people. Presentations, followed by discussion, were made on such... [Read more]

  • Reclaim our Rights conference

     On October 22nd trade-union activists from across the country gathered at a Conference in London organised by the United Campaign to Repeal Anti-Trade Union Laws. Speaker after speaker gave examples of their struggles against bad conditions at work, against privatisation in various sectors... [Read more]

  • Report – two meetings on Palestine in Brighton

    Two meetings on Palestine in Brighton Wednesday, 1st of November witnessed two meetings on the question of Palestine in Brighton. These meetings were initiated by the Socialist Labour Party Youth who are also members of the Sussex University Palestine Society and the national Palestinian... [Read more]

  • No, this is no time for poetry

    Poem deicated to the Palestinian people by Sukant Chandan Not many were fighting like when you erupted,You took cover behind those walls,The defunct enemy you were confronting.What’s the point of negotiation when allWe receive is provocation upon provocationNo! This is not going to make us... [Read more]

  • Pensions

    Double the old-age pension now and restore the link If the link between pensions and earnings were restored today, those of Britain’s poverty-stricken elderly who have only their pensions to live on would receive an extra £30 a week each. This would be enough to provide at least proper heating... [Read more]

  • British government exposed

     On Saturday the 25th of October the Ruling Council of the Ulster Unionist Party met yet again to decide the fate of peace in Northern Ireland by considering whether to continue half-heartedly with the Good Friday Agreement (GFA), or simply to scrap it altogether. The ruling council met to... [Read more]

  • Lessons of the fuel crisis

     As we go to press the threat is looming of another fuel crisis, the first having broken out a few days after the last issue ofLalkarappeared at the beginning of September 2000. The crisis arose when pickets of lorry drivers and farmers congregated on 6 September 2000 outside Britain’s various... [Read more]

  • Anti-imperialist conference in Berlin

     An exceptionally important Conference was held in Berlin at the weekend of 28-29 October 2000. It was jointly organised by two Marxist-Leninist magazines, the bi-monthlyOffen-siv(published and edited by the Hanover Branch of the Communist Platform of the PDS – Party of Democratic Socialism –... [Read more]