Issue: November/December 2008

  • Zimbabwe: Power sharing deal in the balance

    Political deadlockAt the time of going to press, the political deadlock in Zimbabwe remains unbroken. The parliamentary seats are divided roughly equally between ZANU-PF and the misleadingly-named Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T, led by Morgan Tsvangirai), with a few seats taken by the... [Read more]

  • Stalin and the Defence of Science

    Ethan Pollock wrote Stalin and the Soviet Science Wars in 2006.  This review of the book shows how the Soviet archives provided evidence of the widespread debates and knowledge concerning science which took place throughout the Soviet Union during the period under consideration, namely 1945 to... [Read more]

  • Fortieth Anniversary of Olympic ‘Black Power’ Salute

    The sixteenth of October marked the 40th anniversary of the high-profile protest made by two US athletes against their own racist imperialist ruling class at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. That morning, Tommie Smith won the 200m gold medal in a world record time of 19.83 seconds, with Australia’s... [Read more]

  • The organisational principles of Bolshevism

    This article looks at the Bolshevik approach to organisational questions, and how this triumphed against the disorganising ideas and practice of Menshevism and Trotskyism.  But to do this properly, we need to backtrack to a time before the terms Bolshevism, Menshevism and Trotskyism had been... [Read more]

  • Founding anniversary of Korean party marked

    The Friends of Korea organised a meeting in the John Buckle Centre, south London, on 9 October to celebrate the 63rd founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), which fell the next day.Chaired by Comrade Harpal Brar, the main speech was given by Comrade Keith Bennett, a leading... [Read more]

  • New book: Imperialism and War (Harpal Brar)

    This collection of articles is a living commentary over nearly a decade on the most important conflicts in the vast area stretching from the Middle East to Central Asia. They reveal the motive forces which drive imperialist war, imperialist diplomacy and imperialist peace, and bear witness to our... [Read more]

  • Militant rally celebrates New China’s birthday

    On Saturday 4 October, a diverse audience of over 80 people packed into Southall’s Saklatvala Hall to attend a highly spirited meeting organised by Hands off China and the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML) celebrating the 59th anniversary of the founding of the... [Read more]

  • The economic crisis deepens

    October 2008 has seen the most extraordinary and abrupt deepening of the world economic crisis of overproduction.The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, as he contemplated the financial system crashing round him, was forced to conclude: “This is … possibly the largest financial crisis of its... [Read more]

  • The British Road to Revisionism

    In the January/February 2008 edition of Lalkar we carried an article which highlighted the revolutionary programmes of British Communism and finished it with a few brief words about the revisionist British Road to Socialism.  The purpose of this article is to broaden that analysis and criticism... [Read more]

  • Afghanistan: US cannot bring itself to bow to the inevitable

    As we reported in our last issue, the military commanders involved in Afghanistan have been declaring the war unwinnable on the imperialist side.They have been joined by other eminent names. The British Ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles has shocked the imperialist world by... [Read more]