Issue: May/June 2010

  • No comfort for US imperialism in Iraq, Iran and Palestine

    Occupation wades deeper in Iraqi bloodAll carefully crafted pretence that it was now “all over bar the shouting”, with the occupation supposedly winding down, the resistance dormant and Iraq returning to “business as usual”, was rudely dispatched by the violent upheavals accompanying and... [Read more]

  • Celebrate the victory over fascism by defending those who gave their lives for freedom and democracy

    There have been the most extraordinary efforts made throughout Europe in the past few years to re-write the history of the Second World War, designed primarily to foster the myth that communism is merely a form of fascism.  For this reason, hack historians are going overboard to deny the glorious... [Read more]

  • Venezuela: BBC forced to apologise

    It seems that the ‘objective’, ‘unbiased’ BBC is not quite as objective and unbiased as its masters in Britain’s imperialist bourgeoisie would have us – and the rest of the world – believe. The broadcaster has just been forced to apologise to the Venezuelan embassy for statements made by the... [Read more]

  • Revolutionary crisis in Thailand

    The south east Asian nation of Thailand is in the grip of an increasingly profound revolutionary crisis, which may yet end in a bloody crackdown and the reassertion of openly dictatorial rule by the wealthy elite around the royal family and the military top brass or, as we fervently hope, the... [Read more]

  • South Africa: the fight for equality continues

    It can never be said that the struggle against apartheid in South Africa was a waste of time or a pointless exercise that changed nothing.  It certainly did not change everything but it was a necessary step in the struggle to emancipate a people who have been impoverished and brutalised by a... [Read more]

  • Nuclear negotiations

    On 8 April the USA signed a new ‘arms control’ treaty with Russia with the published aim of controlling and limiting the spread of nuclear weapons. Communists and anti-imperialists the world over know only too well that this treaty won’t prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to terrorist states... [Read more]

  • 20 billion to be cut from the NHS budget, politicians tell senior doctors

    The 2010 annual meeting of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) was held at the BT convention centre in Liverpool, from 14 – 16 April. It was principally an event for the exchange of technical information and innovation and as such, one might assume, of limited... [Read more]

  • Celebrate the life of Comrade Ho Chi Minh

    On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Ho Chi Minh we publish a summary of the heroic struggle he led against Japanese, French and US imperialism. The culmination of Ho Chi Minh’s life work is wonderfully encapsulated in the words of General Vo Nguyen: “Time will pass... [Read more]

  • Free Joe Glenton!

    Whilst the war criminal Tony Blair walks free, having suffered not so much as a slapped wrist from the joke Chilcott Commission, the truly heroic Joe Glenton remains banged up for nine months at a prison camp in Colchester, a judgement that was confirmed on 21 April when his appeal was rejected. ... [Read more]

  • Don’t vote for bourgeois parties! Join the fight against capitalism!

    1 May 2010 sees the working-class masses all over the world standing on the brink of a serious confrontation with the imperialist ruling classes of the US, Europe and Japan. The economic crisis of the whole capitalist system, which has slowly been building up steam since the 1970s, has finally... [Read more]

  • World capitalist crisis: light at the end of the tunnel or a train approaching from the opposite direction

    Whatever official optimism is expressed in bourgeois circles whenever there is a scrap of countervailing good news on the economic front, the crisis is becoming more severe, with 2010 already being a year of new records in financial disaster, despite what Martin Wolf refers to as “fiscal and... [Read more]

  • Growing contention between China and US imperialism

    In the first four months of 2010, relations between the United States and China have never been out of the headlines for long, reflecting the complex and multi-faceted relationship between the world’s leading imperialist power on the one hand, and the world’s leading developing (and socialist)... [Read more]