Issue: November/December 2011

  • On the amorphous meanderings of the RCPB(ML)

    Lenin said in One Step Forward Two Steps Back (Selected Works, Vol. 2, page 433); “When speaking of fighting opportunism, there is a characteristic feature of present day opportunism in every sphere that must never be overlooked: this is its vagueness, its diffuseness, its elusiveness.” And this... [Read more]

  • The significance of the Occupy Wall Street movement

    A movement inspired by the Arab springThe Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement started on 17 September, when thousands of mostly young people moved into Zuccotti Park on Wall Street, New York, to protest against the deteriorating conditions of existence that are being forced on the masses of... [Read more]

  • The Liam Fox affair: the latest example of corruption in government and business

    Dr Liam Fox decided to fall on his ministerial sword, or was thrown onto it, after the publication of a report following an investigation into his conduct by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell which found him guilty of clear breach of the ‘ministerial code of conduct’.  Parliamentary Standards... [Read more]

  • The Greek working-class movement from the 1930s to the present day

    Some backgroundGreece is a very different country to the UK.  During the 19th century in Greece and the whole Balkan region the impact of the industrial revolution was almost non-existent.  For example, the first railway line there was built in the last decade of the 19th century. So it was... [Read more]

  • Tribute to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

    by Harpal BrarComrades, those of you who are on the list of membership of the Stalin Society will know that this meeting was meant to be a tribute to the late Ludo Martens, long-time president of the Workers Party of Belgium, who died in June. We had to change our programme in view of the... [Read more]

  • Afghanistan: a decade of war and the decline of US imperialism

    Friday 7 October marked the 10th anniversary of the US-led predatory war against the people of Afghanistan.  During these ten years, Afghanistan has been subjected to wholesale destruction, with tens of thousands of Afghans losing their lives at the hands of the imperialist occupation forces. ... [Read more]