Issue: January/February 2016

  • Venezuela: Maduro says it is time to end cohabitation and coexistence with the bourgeoisie

    On 6 December, legislative assembly elections were held in Venezuela which were disastrous for the ruling progressive Chavista government since they resulted in an opposition coalition (MUD – Movimiento de la Unidad Democrática) gaining a two-thirds majority in the legislative assembly.... [Read more]

  • The Syrian Arab Army advances

    On 8 December the Syrian Arab Army secured the Kweyris army base in the province of Aleppo, bringing to an end an Islamic State (IS) siege that had gone on for over a year. Two days later Syrian and allied forces took full control of Al-Hader, just 15 miles from the rebel-held city of Aleppo... [Read more]

  • Climate change conference – Imperialist hands irreversibly tied by the profit motive

    World leaders and diplomats scrambled to a deal in Paris at the COP21 conference. Extra time was required to strike a deal, avoiding egg on the face of leaders. Hailed as historic, the deal ultimately amounts to very little. If the deal is actually implemented, global temperatures are still... [Read more]

  • Ukraine: which side are you on?

    As the torchlight parades and flaunting of nazi insignia proceed with impunity on the streets of Kiev, a group calling itself the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (USC) has emerged in Britain to warn workers against ‘taking sides’ in the conflict. Its argument is that there are oligarchs and... [Read more]

  • Scotland – Why do the Scottish nationalists want full fiscal autonomy?

    The SNP’s plans to make Scotland more ‘competitive’ and ‘attractive’ to investment are a recipe for further cuts and increasing poverty on both sides of the border. Full fiscal autonomy (FFA) for Scotland is a potentially disastrous medium-term Scottish National Party (SNP) objective. (See... [Read more]

  • Comrade Isabel Crook: 100 years old and still fighting for communism

    The following statement was issued by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML) on 15 December 2015 Today, 15 December 2015, Comrade Isabel Crook, Honorary President of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML) celebrates her 100th birthday. On... [Read more]

  • Film Review – Suffragette

    Where is Sylvia, what is she?? Ask anybody what name they most associate with the suffragette movement and almost universally the answer will be Sylvia Pankhurst. This film for all its merits only once mentions her in passing, and then only to suggest that she didn’t really approve of what the... [Read more]

  • Palestine pushed towards third intifada

    By early December twenty two Israelis and 87 Palestinians have been killed, with 203 people injured, in a matter of two months – as violence escalates and a Third Intifada looms. October and November saw an escalation in violence across the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and others places.... [Read more]

  • The creation of Islamophobia in Western imperialist countries

    There has been a huge increase in violence and discrimination against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim in France since the attack on Paris by Belgian Muslim terrorists. The fact that the increase is huge is in itself hardly surprising as a hatred of Muslims, especially black and Arabic... [Read more]

  • Comrade Len Aldis – communist and friend of Vietnam

    The working-class movement, and especially the people of Vietnam, lost a true champion in Comrade Len Aldis, who passed away following a heart attack in his east London home, on 27 November 2015, at the age of 85. His death was announced by the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society (BVFS), which... [Read more]

  • Soviet Heroes

    Lalkar pays tribute to two staunch communists, heroes of the USSR and of working people everywhere . Nikolay Belyaev Nikolay Belyaev, the last survivor of the group of Red Army heroes who raised the red hammer and sickle flag of the USSR above the Reichstag, tearing down the... [Read more]