Issue: May/June 1999

  • Conflict in the Balkans: Alan Clark’s View

     Alan Clark is a right-wing Conservative MP and a former Defence Minister. We produce his view on the war in Yugoslavia for two reasons: (1) it exposes the hypocritical assertions of Clinton and Blair as to the justness of this war, and (2) it objectively gives a powerful support to the anti-war... [Read more]

  • Macedonian villagers force NATO troops to leave

    The odyssey of the NATO troops who were thrown out of the Macedonian village of Zbrnjak, near Kumanovo, could have ended in tragedy for them if the Macedonian Special police force had not escorted them to Tabanovci, close to the Yugoslav border.A large protest movement against the deployment NATO... [Read more]

  • Massive protests in Sweden against the US-NATO war of aggression

    When the US-NATO forces started its war against Yugoslavia, the Communist Party of Sweden [KPML(r)] took initiatives to mobilise protest meetings, demonstrations and other activities.In a number of cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Gislaved, Helsingborg, Karishamn, there have been... [Read more]

  • Oppose the neo-Nazi NATO war against Yugoslavia

    Oppose the neo-Nazi NATO war against Yugoslavia !IntroductionNATO (in particular US imperialism and its poodle and junior partner, British imperialism) have been itching to further the break-up of Yugoslavia by effectively turning the Yugoslav province of Kosovo into a NATO protectorate through... [Read more]

  • UNISON mock the low paid

    by Zane CarpenterOn Saturday, 10 April a Unison-sponsored march took place in Newcastle. The theme was ‘campaign for a living wage’ (which of course could mean anything to anybody) and it was cunningly timed to bring attention to the issue of low pay just after the new minimum wage legislation... [Read more]

  • “Turkey steps up war on Kurds”

    DAVID MORGAN, from the Kurdistan Solidarity Committee, shows why we should not forget the plight of the Kurds.While Kosovo now dominates international attention, the plight of the Kurds is ignored. However, it was only a few weeks ago that the Kurds shot dramatically into the news headlines when... [Read more]

  • Sky Chef Dispute Continues

    Skychef workers have been picketing their work place at Hatton Cross ever since 270 of them were sacked for going on a one-day official strike last November. Details of their dispute were in the last issue of Lalkar, in particular Adesh’s speech at the Reclaim our Rights Rally in London and the... [Read more]

  • `Humanitarian’ British police harass Winston Silcott supporter

    Institutional racism is not melting like the snow in spring under the impact of the McPherson report. One of the very many incidents of it was reported inThe Timesof 22 April setting out the tale of harrassment of Winston Silcott supporter, Delroy Lindo. Mr Lindo, a 39-year old father of... [Read more]

  • Reclaim our Rights

    Bob Crow speaks in West LondonAssistant General Secretary of the Railworkers’ Union, the RMT, spoke at West London Trade Union Club on Sunday 25 April in support of the Campaign to Reclaim our Rights. He told the meeting that the Campaign was set up as the result of moves by the Socialist Labour... [Read more]

  • Blair Peach Commemoration in Southall

    It is 20 years ago that Blair Peach, a socialist teacher, was murdered by the police. On 23rd April 1979 he had travelled to Southall to join thousands of others, black and white, in the protest against a National Front meeting. Thousands of police was mobilised in order to protect a mere two... [Read more]

  • Revocation of Med TV’s Broadcast Licence

    Med TV is outraged at the decision by the Independent Television Commission (ITC) to revoke its licence. Both in written representations and in the hearing before the Commissioners on 9 April, Med TV set out a detailed programme and news restructure for the future which should have satisfied the... [Read more]

  • Kurdish New Year Festival

    Laws of history are stronger than laws of artillery!Saturday March 20th saw the advent of the Kurdish New Year festival “Navroz”. This festival was marked by displaced Kurdish communities world wide as well as Kurds throughout Turkey: a courageous assertion of nationhood in view of the... [Read more]


    Statement by Brian Becker, Co-Chairperson US Out of Korea Committee, February 4, 1999It’s almost a half a century since the open military conflict in the Korean peninsula ended with the signing of the armistice agreement on June 27, 1953.Nearly fifty years later and no peace treaty. Why? Because... [Read more]

  • Comrade Jagmohan Joshi

    This year will mark 20 years since Comrade Jagmohan Joshi, General Secretary of the Indian Workers Association (GB) for several years, died on June 3, 1979.He was not only a relentless fighter against racism but also a tireless participant in the anti-imperialist and working-class movement. ... [Read more]

  • News from Ireland

    reproduced from RM Distribution, with thanks. Ethnic cleansing ‘must end’The two loyalist pipe bomb attacks in Randalstown, County Antrim on Wednesday [April 14] are only the latest in a long list of attacks which,“amount to nothing short of a sectarian pogrom against Catholics in the South... [Read more]

  • Iraq:

    Stop the bombing! Lift the SanctionsOn Saturday, April 17, thousands marched through the streets of London from Hyde Park, pass the American Embassy, to Trafalgar Square led by Dennis Halliday, former UN Assistant General Secretary, George Galloway MP, Tony Benn MP and Arthur Scargill, NUM... [Read more]

  • Hillingdon Hospital Strike Update

    Granada refuses to carry out decision of Industrial Tribunalby Malkiat Bilku, on behalf of the strikersNew Tribunal Hearing,12-14 MayA new Industrial Tribunal has been called for 12-14 May to discuss the refusal by Granada to carry out the last Tribunal decision to re-engage us at Hillingdon... [Read more]

  • (Untitled)

    Elections to the European Parliament are to be held on 10th June. For the first time in these elections, there is a socialist alternative, for opposing the parties of capitalism – Labour, Tory and Lib.Dems. This alternative is represented by the Socialist Labour Party. All those who stand for... [Read more]

  • Fascist bombs in London

    On April 16 and 23 bombs exploded in London, deliberately and intentionally aimed to kill and maim defenceless men, women and children. These cowardly devices were filled with nails so that when they explode the nails will fly out in all directions like bullets and kill and injure as many people... [Read more]

  • bagh

    Woolwich, April 18The Greenwich and Bexley branch of the IWA(GB) held a meeting, attended by 700 people, to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh (Amritsar) Massacre perpetrated by British imperialism against innocent men, women and children holding a peaceful demonstration. In the... [Read more]