Issue: September/October 2004

  • Zimbabwe Will Never be a Colony Again

    Part 1 Demonisation of Zimbabwe During the past seven years, the Zimbabwe African National Union (Patriotic Front) [ZANU(PF)] regime in Zimbabwe, and especially President Robert Mugabe, have come under relentless imperialist attack. From being regarded as a source of stability in southern... [Read more]

  • Bourgeois secularism and the communal challenge? (Part 5)

    This is the final instalment of the article, which we began publishing in the January issue of Lalkar. It is a slightly extended version of that which appeared in The Marxist, Volume XIX, No 2 April-June 2003. The question of communalism and religious bigotry is extremely important, for it... [Read more]

  • Iraqi resistance and our attitude towards it

    The left wing movement in the imperialist countries is quite confused on the question of how to judge and how to support the Iraqi resistance. This confusion, however, is primarily due to a mixture of basic ideological weaknesses and lack of information about the leading forces and alliances of... [Read more]

  • Lessons of the great miners’ strike of 1984/85

    It is now 20 years since the forces of the British state lined up to smash the miners, who had for over a hundred years been in the forefront of the British trade union movement. The miners went back to work on 5 March 1985 after an epic, year-long struggle. They went with heads held high,... [Read more]

  • Iraq: Imperialism facing revolutionary destruction

    Increased Resistance If the Anglo-American imperialist occupiers of Iraq thought that, through the charade of ‘transfer’ of sovereignty on 38 June to a clique of their hand-picked Iraqi stooges, they would pacify Iraq, they were cruelly mistaken, for the events since then have decidedly... [Read more]