Issue: July/August 2007

  • Definition, origin and development of the state

    In preparing this article, we have drawn on just one source: Engels’ groundbreaking 1884 work, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. To read Origin of the Family is to revolutionise one’s understanding of the world. For those of us brought up on a diet of eclectic,... [Read more]

  • Condolences to the family of Comrade Pat Coulton

    It is with great sadness that we report the death of Comrade Pat Coulton on Friday 22 June. Pat was politically active all his life, with a steadfast record of fighting for communism and opposing revisionism and social democracy. Comrades will remember his recent work both in the CPGB-ML and in... [Read more]

  • Palestine – National unity alone can advance the Palestinian people’s struggle for national liberation

    Hamas Election VictoryIn January 2006, the Palestinian Authority (PA) held parliamentary elections, which had long been demanded by US imperialism as proof of the democratic credentials of the Palestinian political leadership. The results stunned Israeli zionism and its chief backer US... [Read more]

  • Letters

    Dear comradesIt was a real joy to receive the latest issue of Lalkar after putting up with a week of Trotskyite stodge at a union conference. Of course some Lalkar articles are a bit too long and wordy but it was good to see some solid Marxist Leninist class analysis.However I would take issue... [Read more]

  • Ivory Coast – a reactionary civil war drawing to a close?

    Ivory Cost is a former French colony in West Africa which sporadically gets a mention in the newspapers because of the civil war that has been going on there since 2002 and which has led to de facto partition of the country. The civil war is of benefit neither to the broad masses of the people... [Read more]

  • Irish Greens Sell Out

    The Irish Green Party has abandoned a number of core political beliefs in order to enter into a coalition government in Dublin, securing the return of Fianna Fail’s Bertie Ahern as 26-County Taoiseach.Progressives and radicals were dismayed when a meeting of party delegates strongly backed a... [Read more]

  • Iraq: History’s Verdict – Anglo-American imperialism facing defeat

    For all the carnage and devastation they have wreaked on Iraq, the occupying forces are staring in the face of a most ignominious defeat.The resistance attacks on the occupation forces have become ever more lethal and frequent – running at 180 a day. Even the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad is no... [Read more]

  • No future for petty bourgeois defeatism

    Gorbachev told the Soviet people that the revolutionary class interests of the world’s toilers must be subordinated to the concept of a “universal human interest”. Too much stress upon the “enemy image” of imperialism, too much class struggle, risked freezing all further human history into a... [Read more]

  • On Bhagat Singh

    The bombs in the Assembly episode set into motion a train of events that were to haul Bhagat Singh and his comrades before a specially constituted tribunal in Lahore in the famous Second Lahore Conspiracy trial and send them to the gallows. Bhagat Singh was suspected of being implicated in the... [Read more]