Issue: May/June 2011

  • 16th World Trade Union Congress

    It was heartening to listen to the speeches at the World Federation of Trades Unions Congress in Athens. Speaker after speaker, from trades unions in many different countries, emphasised that workers all over the world were faced with more than a defensive economic agenda. In outlining the... [Read more]

  • The devastating effects of the restoration of capitalism in the Ukraine

    Comrade Tishchenko’s speech gives a graphic account of the devastating effects of the restoration of capitalism in the Ukraine, involving a precipitate decline in population, drastic reduction of living standards, a dramatic decline in GDP, unprecedented levels of unemployment, social degradation... [Read more]

  • Syria: Imperialism’s next target for destabilisation and ‘regime change’

    At the end of April, the Arab state of Syria was in the grip of a severe crisis, with protests against the government, led by the progressive Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party, in numerous towns and cities, leading to violent clashes between security forces and those whom the government have termed... [Read more]

  • Libya: The latest victim of imperialist predatory war

    A war prepared in advanceThe imperialist war against Libya, now under way, has been in preparation for a long time, needing only a flimsy pretext to be triggered.  This pretext, well-prepared by imperialism through its Libyan stooges, arose on 16 February when anti-government insurgents began... [Read more]

  • Ivory Coast: No recolonisation of Africa!

    The violent overthrow of Ivory Coast’s government by French imperialism, in cahoots with northern rebel militia and with the hypocritical blessing of the UN, signals not the end but the beginning of yet another round of cruel civil strife inflicted on the Ivorian people by imperialism. Yet this... [Read more]

  • Iceland’s people again reject debt slavery

    On 9 April, the electorate of the small north European country of Iceland, for the second time, rejected, in a referendum, a proposal by their social democratic government that they accept a regime of enforced penury so as to repay, at onerous rates of interest, the British and Dutch governments,... [Read more]

  • Gagarin – a shining example of Soviet man

    On the 12 April 1961, Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin made history as the first human being to enter space, in Vostok 1 a Soviet spaceship.  His flight lasted just 108 minutes, the distance travelled before he ejected to return to earth by parachute was 40,806 Km and 600M.  He had reached a maximum... [Read more]

  • Imperialism and the world food crisis

    Part 1The uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world are universally recognised to be related to the escalating cost of staple foods in those countries.  Although food prices have risen everywhere, it is in third-world countries that the price hikes have been highest, and there... [Read more]

  • PFLP denounces the murder of Italian solidarity activist Vittorio Arrigoni

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounces in the strongest terms the criminal murder of Italian solidarity activist Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza, and offers its deepest condolences to the family of the martyr, the Italian people, the global solidarity movement with the Palestinian... [Read more]