Issue: July/August 2013

  • Turkey: war and economic crisis destabilise Erdogan

    Trigger The immediate trigger for the stormy events in Turkey over recent weeks was the heavy-handed police suppression of a peaceful demonstration over plans to concrete over the park adjoining the politically symbolic Taksim Square. This in turn followed a series of protests against a... [Read more]

  • The Edward Snowden affair

    The situation that Edward Snowden, US security service whistle-blower, finds himself in is almost like something out of a Hollywood block-buster where the hero/anti-hero spills the beans on a plot to take over the world by some mysterious group within US security services, goes on the run... [Read more]

  • Syria: Qusair victory puts imperialism on the spot

    With the success of the Syrian forces in sweeping the rebels out of Qusair, thereby simultaneously severing the terrorists’ lifeline to their fellow sectarians in the north east of Lebanon and re-enforcing the government’s links to those in Lebanon who offer neighbourly support, the West can... [Read more]

  • Creeping protectionism – futile struggles to escape crisis

    This month’s news has featured yet more attempts by western imperialism to suppress its Chinese competitors, this time by slapping big import tariffs on the $27 billion worth of solar panels China sells to Europe each year. The EU’s trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht, announced on Tuesday 4... [Read more]

  • Beware the Grand Old Dukes Of York – a comment on the People’s Assembly against Austerity

    Background We are in the midst of the deepest crisis of capitalism since the late 1920s. Like all capitalist crises, this is a crisis of overproduction, notwithstanding the fact that it had made itself most forcefully felt in the financial sphere. This is to be expected since the... [Read more]

  • Miliband confesses

    Whatever illusions remain in the Labour party’s commitment to propping up capitalist rule come rain or shine should have been shattered by “Red Ed ” Miliband’s latest foot-in-mouth U-turn on welfare reform. In truth, nobody could really claim lack of warning for the Labour leader’s... [Read more]

  • Sixtieth anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in their Fatherland Liberation War

    27 July 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean people’s great victory in their Fatherland Liberation War against US-led imperialism. The great success of the Korean people and their Soviet and, above all, Chinese allies in fighting US imperialism and the combined forces of 15... [Read more]

  • Tribute to Comrade Jasbir Kaur Jouhl

    Comrade Jasbir’s untimely death at the age of only 49 has been a great loss not only to her family but also to the cause of women’s emancipation in Britain. She was a devotedly active member of the Indian Workers’ Association (GB), in which capacity she worked tirelessly both for more women... [Read more]

  • The 22nd International Communist Seminar, Brussels. 31 May 2013 – 2 June 2013

    The above seminar was held near Brussels, Belgium, on the above dates. Fifty-two communist and workers’ parties from 43 countries participated in its deliberations. The CPGB-ML was represented by Harpal Brar and Ella Rule. After considerable discussion, General Conclusions on the seminar... [Read more]

  • Government Tries to Destroy Social Housing – Let’s Hit Back!

    The government has introduced a series of measures clearly designed to destroy council and housing association housing and force working class people to pay vastly inflated rents for their accommodation. Families going into these types of housing (‘social housing’) are to be robbed of their... [Read more]

  • 100th Anniversary of the Ghadar movement – a salute to the forerunners of the Indian liberation struggle

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ghadar movement. By way of a tribute, Lalkar is dedicating this long article to the memory of its founders and participants – the forerunners of India’s struggle for liberation from British colonialism. What follows is an attempt to give a brief... [Read more]

  • Interview with René González of the Miami 5

    Before returning to Cuba, René González spent 12 years in prison for having infiltrated anti Castro groups in Miami. On 12 September 1998 the FBI uncovered a Cuban spy ring operating in Miami for the purpose of keeping an eye on anti-Castro groups. Several members of the ring agreed... [Read more]

  • Massive Demonstrations in Brazil

    The month of June has been marked in Brazil by a series of massive demonstrations in Brazil’s main cities. At the heart of the protests appears to be discontent with the shoddy level of public services, especially transport, healthcare and education. The people of Brazil pay the highest rates... [Read more]