Issue: January/February 2004

  • Zimbabwe says goodbye tothe Commonwealth – not a moment too soon

    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe announced on 7 December that Zimbabwe was officially quitting the Commonwealth in response to that body’s decision (predictably spearheaded by the ‘white’ members – UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) to maintain Zimbabwe’s suspension, originally put in place... [Read more]

  • ‘The Aggressors Shall Not Write Our History’

    Ian Johnson On Tuesday 30th September 2003 The Hague Tribunal heard a submission from the Prosecution that if accepted would mean the imposition of Defence Counsel on President Milosevic against his will, and would enable the trial to proceed without the presence of the accused. This basic... [Read more]

  • Memorial to Shaheed Sukhdev

    Indian Workers Association (GB) comrades have been active in raising monies in support of a memorial to one of the great martyrs of the Indian Revolution – Shaheed Sukhdev. Comrade Surinder Cheema has recently received a letter from Dr Hardeep Singh, Convenor of the Shaheed Sukhdev Yadgar... [Read more]

  • Bourgeois Secularism and the Communal Challenge?

    This article, to be presented in 3 instalments because of its length, is a slightly extended version of that which appeared in The Marxist, Volume XIX, No 2 April-June 2003. The question of communalism and religious bigotry is extremely important, for it divides and weakens the working-class... [Read more]

  • Harry Pollitt

    Born in Droylsden, Lancashire in 1890 Pollitt was a political activist from an early age. He served an apprenticeship in boilermaking and was a lifelong member of the Boilermaker’s Union. Pollitt was 27 years old at the time of the historic October Revolution and later remembered thinking – ... [Read more]

  • Glory to Lenin and Leninism

    21st January 2004 marks the 80th anniversary of the death of V.I.Lenin who defended the revolutionary heritage of Marxism and creatively developed it, bringing it to a higher stage – Leninism. His teachings on scores of topics, particularly on imperialism, state and revolution, party... [Read more]

  • Sinn Féin the real winners in Belfast Assembly elections

    It is five and a half years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) signalled the start of a new phase in the struggle for Irish liberation. 30 years of popular struggle and armed conflict had brought the British to realise that, although they were not beaten outright, neither was... [Read more]

  • Iraqi resistance – an inspiration to all anti-imperialist forces

    The Iraqi national resistance against the imperialist armies of occupation continues its inexorable march forward – broadening, deepening and gaining strength with each passing day. More than twice as many US soldiers have been killed since 1st May, when US President Bush declared the end of... [Read more]

  • Counter-revolutionary Shevardnadze overthrown in counter-revolutionary coup

    Marxists cannot but have indulged in a wry smile at the public humiliation and resignation of Eduard Shevardnadze – one of the principal architects of the dissolution of the USSR and a close collaborator of Mikhail Gorbachev – from the Georgian presidency on 23 November. Very few people are so... [Read more]

  • Labour Party’s Racist Asylum Policy

    In the latest Queen’s Speech, the Labour Government signalled not only the fact that it would continue to play the ‘racist card’ but also that fact that every card in their deck is racist! On asylum they gloat “applications in September 2003 have fallen by more than 50% when compared to October... [Read more]